One card a week 10

This month is a difficult one for me, as last year I was with my daughter while DIGP was taking her away. I had to watch her body surrender while her mind was fighting till the end. It was probably the worst month of my entire life. So painful. And I have to deal with […]

Une carte par semaine 10

Ce n’est pas un mystère, le mois de mars est un mois difficile pour moi cette année. Il y a un an de cela, j’étais aux côté de ma fille alors que sa tumeur gagnait du terrain, jour après jour. Je l’ai accompagnée jusqu’au bout, tout en regardant les symptômes se développer, sans rien pouvoir […]

One card a week 09

We often get caught by the tsunami of our everyday lives, its routine… then we loose the sight of what really matters, all those little things that bring us confort, something to ponder, happiness, that are meaningfull, powerful. So this week, pay attention to the little things. You will sure see your world as a […]