Inktober day 5 / jour 5: Flame / Flamme

I chose copper acrylic ink this year. And it was perfect for today! And it also was the perfect day to practice with my brush… And wait for the best of it… J’ai choisi l’encre acrylic cuivre cette année. Et elle était parfait pour aujourd’hui! Et c’était aussi le jour parfait pour m’entrainer au pinceau… […]

Inktober day 4/ jour 4: Scallop / Coquille

Today I went for a scallop shape and I wanted to play a bit with my inks and pens… Here you go! I love the effect of the metallic ink. Aujourd’hui, j’ai opté pour la forme de coquille et j’ai voulu m’amuser un peu avec mes encres et stylos… voila voila! J’aime beaucoup l’effet de […]

Inktober 2022. Day 1/Jour 1: Gargoyle/Gargouille

Working with ink, again… after a loooong while (about a year hahaha, last time was for inktober 2021). I couldn’t find the brushes I bought especially for inktober …. oh well, I did with what I had, no useless pressure! I am a bit rusty, but as I was working on the illustration, I let […]

Inktober day 23/ jour 23. Leak/Fuite

Still learning, and feeling more comfortable with indian ink. Sometimes I’m surprised and happy with what I do and then there is that line I should have drawn that makes me scream whyyyy??? But Whyyyyyyy??? Oh well, it seems I learn to let go too haha Je continue à apprendre, à apprivoiser l’encre de Chine. […]

Inktober day 20/ jour 20. Sprout/germer, pousser

Synchronicities…. I sketched something for yesterday’s prompt, but I wasn’t happy with it, it seemed.. souless to me, suddenly. I drew my sketch over, and ended with this. I drew and inked it yesterday morning. And yesterday afternoon, in a course I am committed to, we talked about planting seeds and tending them with some […]