2019 epopee: card #11. I am ALIGNED with my higher self.

This week, I really feel like I reached another level in my life path. As if everything finally fell into place. As if my perception of the world was unveiled. I see more clearly who I am, where I come from, and where I am headed at.

I am now able to softly refuse to follow what doesn’t seem to resonate with my soul. No need to argue, no need to explain, no need to excuse. I just go on. And it feels good. I a now at a point of my life when I can just choose to go my own way, without expecting anything from anyone. I know that if I need guidance I will find it on my path. I just follow my heart, my soul, my will. I just… am.

I realize that these last weeks, as my old apocalyptic me came back to kick everything that needed to be out, I just made the final steps to a more harmonious life. I can always count on my wild temper to reappear and accelerate things when they take too long to settle. Once the tsunami gone, all that stayed was what really matters. My ideas are clear, my mind is too. I know what I have to do. As it cleared my mind, it also put everything where it is supposed to be. Very effective! Ok, people around me may have endure my fierce side, but well, sometimes, you need to remind them that there is more than the polished self they get to see…. it’s burning within, burning high! And that I am able to keep it under control, when left in peace. I wouldn’t have survived all the battles I had to fight with a soft self only.

Anyway, for a few days now, I feel more in peace than ever. I feel in harmony with what surrounds me, I feel connected to a lot of ideas and people. I feel like a part of a global dynamic. I am not outside anymore.

This connection helps me see more clearly. When aligned, everything flows easily, peacefully. That’s exactly how I feel lately. A lot of things made sense, I could see through some really thick smoke screens, I could understand patterns, I could step back from situations and observe what was really going on. And find peace each time I closed my eyes. Feel the energy flowing through me as I required it or as I let it go. And I understood I had to get used to it, as it is now where I stand.

I realize that I was indeed a part of this energy. That if I was able to see beyond the obvious, it was time for me to connect with my higher self, to be more aware of the dynamics at play. To act, to make choices, to take decisions. With this in mind: my decisions don’t only affect me, they are linked to other people who would have to take the same decisions. As everything is a matter of balance, I need to be attuned, to be focused, to be open, to use my abilities for the best.

Awareness is the first thing that came to my mind. I remember to have found some things funny, but without giving them too much attention. Now I can understand why I noticed them. I need to be more aware of those things, words, events that ring a bell within. And that’s what I will do from now on.

I am done with cleaning my inner self from all perceptions, deceptions, patterns that prevented me to go further, deeper. I could extract their core essence and see them as they are. Feel them as they are. I now have to work with what I have in hand, to really enjoy the opportunity that is given to me to feel this energy and to be a part of it. As we all are, if we want to. It’s that simple. You just have to use the tools you have within, attune, and enjoy.

Anyway, this week, I am aligned with my higher self, and I wish you to be too!

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