2019 epopee


I had to doodle a new header for this year! This time, it will be epic!

If 2018 was guided by my need to explore myself, to free myself from anything that was hindering me, I want 2019 to be lighter, to bring me far far away. I want to explore the symbolic world, to doodle, to let go, to play with words, to come back to something less structured. Something wilder. Something that will match more with my desires than my needs. This time, I take the lead!

So it will be a journal of some sort, a graphic one, a symbolic one, a journal that will tell about life, that will question things, that will bring thoughts, that will lead us to emotional growth, spiritual growth, both in french and in english. Two parallel journeys, or not, that will follow my desires of the moment. You can follow me on both, or on only one, or only on some stopovers. You can stay for a year or for a moment. You can doodle and dream with me, or just read my wanderings. It’s up to you. Be free too!

Ok, now for the specifics:

  • One positive affirmation card a week
    • Once in french, once in english. So 2 cards in each language a month. 52 card a year. 26 in french, 26 in english.
    • Each positive afirmation will be illustrated with zentangle patterns, or not. Sometimes it may be more figurative… if I feel like it. If a link exists to the step by step, I will provide it to you.
    • I may use color (color pencils, markers, watercolor, acrylic paint, collage…)….
    • …. or not (only black and white doodles, with and/or without grey ombre)
  • A pinterest board dedicated to each month
    • You will find there my cards, some other doodles I may do, as well as pins which, to me, have a link to the month (even if thre is no topic really for each month, this year… it will be more like a feeling, an emotion, something I feel is relevant to the month).
  • A symbol from somewhere on earth
    • Which will represent the topic, or the mood of the moment, or a desire, or that I just feel needs to be put to your knowledge now and here.
    • It will be an ancient one, or not, and come from places like Africa, America, Europe, Russia, Oceania. I am not drawn at all to Asia as I write these lines, so maybe there will be none from there. But who know, I may discover a new passion for Asia in the next weeks, months, so I will keep an open mind and there may be some!
    • Sometimes, I will connect several of them, sometimes I won’t. Sometimes, I will try to explain them, sometimes they will only be graphic marks I like. I wonder where it will lead me, but I feel like doing it, so I will. It will be an interesting journey in itself!
  • A written testimony
    • Besides the cards, I will write some articles here, in french, or in english, depending on my mood. They will deal with what the positive affirmations means to me, or with what the symbol inspires me….
    • I will create a specific page for this epopee, with the list of the affirmations, and the link to their article. I will update it each time I write a new article. I don’t want to anticipate, because I want to keep the right to change my mind on the affirmations I will use and publish here, or at least, on their order.
    • I will also take the time to write a more private journal, in which I will relate my own journey. I chose my notebook, and I think I will write there my affirmations as they come, as well as doodle the symbols and their meanings when I meet them or during my researches. I will also write my thoughts as they come, on paper. A kind of travel book in a notebook shape, handwritten, for the pleasure to let the fountain pen run into the pages, to reniew the pleasure of doodling in the margins, to ornament the pages if I feel like it. A journal I can bring everywhere with my to cease the inspiration when it comes. My secret garden.
  • A musical journey as well
    • I will keep sharing my musical emotions here, whether they are linked or not to the weekly card.
    • I will publish them as I feel them. They may be old standarts, or brand new discoveries. If I feel like sharing, then I’ll share!
    • This won’t be a weekly journey, the rythm will bring them as they wish!
    • It may deal with an artist, a composer, a style, a single tune, or something like an ambience. I will just follow the vibes!

There. That’s about it. I hope you are as excited as I am right now at the idea to live this adventure. I realise, writing these lines, how much this will ask from me, but I am not scared. When the word « epic » came into my mind, I didn’t run away, I smiled and thought: « ok, I am ready, let’s do this! ». I can’t wait to really start this journey, and I am even more enthusiastic to share it with you all.

So? What do you think? Are you coming with me? It will be fun!

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