2019 epopee: card #1. I am IN PEACE with myself

First card in english for this year! I wanted it to reflect my inner state of mind. I am still in winter break as I write these lines and I really want to focus on my inner peace next week.

Realising I truly was in peace with myself was really an eye opener: I worked a lot on acceptance last year, as I had to deal with a lot of changes and transformation. But when I realised taht I was in peace with my self, my whole self, physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, I knew I grew a lot.

By being in peace with yourselves, you are able to open to experience life without the filter of what can or not be expected from you. I mean, If you are in peace with yourself, you are accepting all parts of who you are, truly accepting. So what people or society or anything else’s expectations are pointless. If you know and accept who you are, why you do what you do, what moves you, what are your core beliefs or values, you don’t need to depend on anybody’s expectation. And I think that is the key: by being in peace with yourself, you free yourself from a lot of shakles that kept you from moving on with your life.

Being in peace with yourself also brings you the opportunity to step back from whatever happens in your life. You see things more clearly, more accurately, more objectively too. You can easily access to an overview of your own life, as well as the way you evolve and interact with others. Living in accordance of who you are allows you to be more accepting of others too. They are struggling witht heir own path, different from yours, and you just have to accept that you all are at different stages of the journey. Then move on. Peacefully.

Being in peace with yourself makes you shine. You are open to others, and attract those who need you or who share this state of mind with you. And you can definitely tell who they are just by feeling them. Being in peace with yourself spares you a lot of energy, energy you can use to help or to share. Nothing slows you down anymore. Not fear, not trying to meet other’s expectation, not trying to be someone you know you aren’t because you think it’s the way you should be. You ARE. Therefore you can focus on your actions, on your journey, on whatever you feel attracted to. Because it will lead your to a new understanding of who you are. Peacefully.

Being in peace with yourself is not a goal to achieve. It’s a way of being. Self confidence, in a deep way, as you trust yourself, your self. It’s loving yourself too, taking care of yourself, in all realms. It’s being happy to spend time alone, enjoying your own company. It’s living, being free, it’s happiness. Peaceful happiness

So this week, I know I will do all I need to do to keep being in peace with myself. Because it feels really good.

Allright, you have read my rambling, now it’s time for some fun… Here is my card!

I used my faithfull Uni pin markers, and 3pli pattern.

Come on, join the fun and show me yours!

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