2019 Epopee: card#7. I am allowing my SOUL to SHINE.

As I write these lines, I am at the beginning of a new year. You see, for 3 years now, my years end on march 29th and begin on march 30th. And my body really feels it this way. I usually spend march 29th crying, as soon as I wake up, with this distress, this excruciating pain deep in my self. My body hurts, my heart hearts, my soul hurts. Tears fall endlessly from dawn to dusk. I am a puddle, as one of my friends told me. And I accept that. Because I also know that it cleans my whole self deeply. Flashbacks come and go, I greet them, accept them, then release them. All kind of feelings go through me on that day. I am lucky enough to be able to stay at home, by myself, to live it fully. At the end of the day, I am a mess, I usually don’t have any paper tissues left, my eyes are swollen end red. But I feel released. I fall asleep quickly, drained, but in peace.

Then comes march 30th. And I am surprised that this year too I woke up smiling, ready to begin a new year, ready to experiment, to learn, lo live. As I released all the negativity the day before, I really feel light and bright, and irradiating. It’s a strange feeling, probably a matter of balance. But it’s good, so good.

And yesterday (I write these lines on Sunday, march 31st), I was given a beautiful present. My daughter’s two best friends felt the need to go and see her, for the first time in 3 years. They called me to guide them. I hadn’t seen them for 3 years, they were 11 years old girls then. I saw these 2 beautiful 14 years old teens, ready to make this important step in their grieving path. Now I have to tell you that I don’t go on the cemetery. I don’t need it. I used to go there every day the first months, then I felt it was time for me to let go of the past, and focus on the present. I needed to go back to life. Still, I didn’t erased Emma from my life. On the opposite. First I still live among her belongings, even of I take back some space for my own stuff. And I became far more aware of the signs. I don’t need to go to the cemetery because she was with me. Anyway, I brought the girls to their friend. And I left them do what they needed to do. They burnt a letter they wrote to her, they listened to her favorite music while making wild flowers garlands. They laughed and cried, and talked. I had to explain to some outraged people that they weren’t having a party, but that they came to visit their friend, who was my daughter, and that if I found them beautiful and loving and caring, they should too. These girls were the best friends from 4 to 11 years old. They spent their time together, they shared a lot. These girls were there for Emma in each step she took in her battle. They were her bodyguards if anyone tried to bully her (and they were maybe tiny girls, but so fierce they were really efficient … ). They lost a part of themselves when Emma passed away. As I did. That’s why I was so happy to see them united, holding each other, listening to each other, caring, being truly empathetic. And I smiled, a lot. I felt so proud of them. They had been drove there by one of their grandmothers and she told me she was surprised to see me so peaceful and shining. I told her that I was a puddle the day before but that I couldn’t have imagined a better way to begin a new year than seeing the girls like that.

I couldn’t work last week. Being with kids at this time of the year is a torture and they deserve to have the ‘real’ me and not this cold witch I turn into the days before march 29th. And again, I am lucky to be able to stay home after a quick visit to my doctor (who is always surprised that I only ask for a week, once a year, and without any ‘chemical help’). As I stayed home, I started to feel the void growing within. I knew I would have to deal with it on Friday, but I didn’t want to spend the week like that. So I did what I usually do: fill my brain in order to compensate the emptiness…. And it worked in a very interesting way. I opened myself and asked for whatever I needed. I guess Universe heard me, because everything I read, everything I listened to, everything I was led to think about resonated perfectly with what I was living. It gave sense to a lot. A lot. As if it was time for me to make another step in my understanding of what I was experiencing. My feelings my thoughts, my acts even, everything resonated with what I was given to learn these days. Everything took sense. It even expended to a higher understanding, it led me to see opportunities and paths to take, when time has come.

So I spent days reading and listening and taking notes and learning. A real and deep thirst to be quenched. Then on Friday, I cried, cleaned what needed to be cleaned. And I found myself with a new balance, a new perspective. And new opportunities to be explored.

Yesterday, I really felt it was time for me to take another step. We all have to go through adversity. It’s the way life makes us grow. It can be frustrating, painful, or even just a good lesson. If I look back at the lest 3 years, I spent the first one to come back to life, from surviving to living. I was just doing what I needed to do to find a way to go on with my life while I felt I had lost everything that truly meant something. The second one was more about trying to connect with people. To open myself a bit more, to try to interact with people (IRL, because I never had problems sharing on the internet…). In a way I had to conquer back my effective environment, from my affective environment (which was and still is really strong, and grounded). The third year, I decided to look for myself, through my inner journey. I needed to gather all the pieces that were scattered everywhere during years and put them back together to build my self. I love to think that I did a rather good job, as I go on building from that.

And this year to come? Well, it’s time for me to allow my soul to shine. To walk in plain light, to share what I learned, to share my path, to show my true self. To go on planting seeds in my pupils’ mind, to teach about compassion, empathy, caring, self esteem, self worth. To be an example for them. It’s also time to stop compromising. I now have the means to be sharp and clear. My armor changed to. Lighter, stronger, shining too. This year, I will conquer what life has to offer. And I know that by doing so , I am true to myself, true to what I taught my daughter. This is who I am, and what I do. Time to shine!

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