Self care journey. December 6th

Today, we focus on our breath. I really love this exercise. When I inhale, I imagine that a purifying and clearing air fills me. When I exhale, I imagine that I free everything I don’t need anymore. At the end of the day, I feel good, peaceful, and I managed to go through it without […]

Cartes de décembre/ December cards

Je n’ai pas pu m’empêcher de faire des cartes à partir de ma liste, pour ceux qui voudraient en piocher une par jour, ou pour offrir à quelqu’un qui en aurait besoin. Un joli ruban autour, et le tour est joué! J’ai même ajouté une page à imprimer au dos des cartes pour les rendre […]

The Alchemist Grove 33. The Moon

This week we will focus on cycles, and we will enjoy the full Moon to harvest the fruits of our intentions. The Moon is, to me, the master of cycles. As a woman, my own cycle harmonizes with hers. As a human being, my life is more or less led by her rhythm, as a […]

The Alchemist Grove 32. The Desert.

This week, we will focus on appreciating the time we can spend alone. The heat wave made me stay at home, by myself. I usually spend most of my summer in a kind of retreat, to reset. But first, I spend the first half of my break working, to get everything ready for the coming […]

The Alchemist Grove 31. The Lantern.

This week, we will focus on how to bring our own light, how being ourselves can be a comfort for others, how we can glow safely. And to be honest, I just realized that today is new moon day. Perfect day to talk about light! To me, we all hold our own light within. We […]

The Alchemist Grove 30. The Daisy.

This week, just like daisies, we will open ourselves. To the world, and to ourselves. We will fearlessly expose our heart and receive what the world has to offer. To be open is not that easy. As long as we are led by fear. Fear to be hurt, fear to be misunderstood, fear to be […]

The Alchemist Grove 29. The Elements: Earth.

This week, we will journey with the last of the four elements: Earth. To me, Earth is the anchoring, nourishing one. It’s the forces that provide us with everything we need in order to grow, to expand while being deeply grounded in our own reality. I sometimes feel all over the place mentally. Too many […]

The Alchemist Grove 28. The Elements: Air

This week, we will focus on a third element: Air. To me it represents clear thoughts, clear mind, that helps us to take decisions, to make choices. Air is also this soft breeze inspiring us. And it’s this deep breath we take from time to time, to come back to ourselves, to our serenity. I […]

The Alchemist Grove 27. The Elements : Water.

This week we go on exploring the four elements. After the passion of Fire, it’s time for us to dive into the deep purification of Water. When I feel stressed after a working day, or after simply being with too many people, I go and take a long shower. I love to see it as […]

The Alchemist Grove 26. The Elements: Fire.

This week, we will start to explore the four elements, beginning with Fire. Fire is passion, motivation, will, action. As I feel at the edge of beginning a new cycle of my life, I felt as appropriate to check with each of the elements, to remember and integrate each of them within me for the […]