The Alchemist Grove 31. The Lantern.

This week, we will focus on how to bring our own light, how being ourselves can be a comfort for others, how we can glow safely. And to be honest, I just realized that today is new moon day. Perfect day to talk about light!

To me, we all hold our own light within. We can choose to keep it concealed or to let it shine. It doesn’t need to be a obnoxious stroboscope. We can just let it glow, softly, safely protected by our own boundaries. Such as a lantern in the night, we unveil a part of the unknown for those who journey nearby. We can offer warmth and comfort, and help them switch their own light on. We allow them to understand where they are, and present them the different directions they can take. We can do all that by simply be ourselves, by simply let our light glow.

The lantern metallic frame protects the more fragile glass part that surrounds the flame and allows it to be seen from a larger distance. Our frame is whatever makes us feel safe. We built it from our confidence, our memories, our values and principles. With it, we are able to glow even in the unknown.

The unknown is not mandatory dark. It’s mostly foggy, actually. But then our light allows us to see around us, and to be a landmark for others. They may use our own position to go a bit further, within the limit of our light hence unveiling a bit more, or stay with us to explore what we discovered. But whatever they do, they are not bugs blinded by our light, they are other lanterns. Some need to be lit again, some are already shining. Together, we can share our lights to explore, or we can give each other the confidence to shine a bit brighter, a bit longer.

The unknown is not our enemy. It’s just places and people we haven’t met yet. It is all the lessons yet to be learned, it is all the experiences yet to be lived. And we are meant to light them up, to discover them, to live them. protected in our frame, glowing or shining. Whatever happens next, we will see only a small part of it, letting others to unveil the rest. Step by step. Each of us being the landmark others may use to expand their own light. So whatever comes, I know that being myself, allowing the world to see who I am, will bring me at least as much as I will give. I won’t crush others with my blinding light. I will welcome them with a soft glow. It’s not about showing off; it’s about offering and receiving, creating a place of warmth and comfort.

Then we will part again, each of us following our own path, and glowing in another unknown part of life. Bringing with us our light to the world as we go forward. And peaceful, joyfully shining in case others may need to see and feel your light. We don’t need to impose our own vision of the world. We can show it to whoever is interested though. But in respecting their own journey, their own way to shine, we allow them to show us a bit more, and unveil a path we may take when time has come. We are all part of the unknown, and the beauty of it is that there is still so much to discover and that we will find other lanterns on our way to allow us to rest, to learn from them, to share our own journey. We may choose to stay with some for a while, a long time or part quickly.

But what we need to understand and accept is that each of us shine with our own light. Not all are the same. Not all are showing the same things. Each has its proper color, intensity, spectrum. But each shines. They can be at the same place at the same moment, but one may unveil the soil and the small things, while another may focus on the treetops and on the sky, and a last one may show more of the plants and landscape around them. We all shine differently and the beauty of existence is to interact together to have a better view of what is surrounding us. Some will be brighter during the day, when the fog covers everything with his cotton candy likeness, while other will feel more comfortable in the darkness, where their light will add a soft tint to what is around, even for a short while. And there are those who will shine no matter what, as if they knew they had no other choice than bringing their light to help others to find their way. We all shine, glow, sparkle. We all do it in our own personal way. And that’s what makes this world so beautiful.

So this week, let your light shine, and see what you may discover. Enjoy the process. Because you deserve it.

The card

I chose a metallic lantern, but I feel it may be changed into a more organic kind of light. I love the contrast between the teal of the metallic frame and the warmth of the flame. It was a real challenge for me to draw something non organic, and to express the metallic texture. But I really had fun during my testing and I am proud of what I managed to do. Even if I will probably go in another direction later. Or not. I really love this little lantern, to be honest… I hope you do too!

My journey

Our journal

I wish you a good and shiny week!

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