The Alchemist Grove 03. Growth rings

As our roots dive deeply in the Grove soil, we can focus on our core. We can remove our attire and have an in depth look at our growth rings. Each ring tells a story about a lesson learned, values we hold dear, principles we live by. Each of them testifies of our growth as […]

The Alchemist Grove 02: Roots

In order to enjoy fully our journey in the grove, we need to have healthy roots. We can then let them tap into the collective energy of the ground, and stand strong, but also share what made us who we are today. Our roots are the base from which we can expand ourselves, the base […]

The Alchemist Grove 01. The Misty Valley

We are about to enter the Grove. It’s not yet the time to do so, but it’s here, waiting for us to make the first move. As we contemplate the playground of our journey for the year to come, we remember where we are coming from, who we are, why we are here, at the […]

Le Bosquet de l’Alchimiste: le logo!

Puisqu’il semble que je sois partie pour un double voyage cette année, je ne pouvais pas laisser mes amis francophones sans leur logo attitré! Le voici donc, tout nouveau tout beau…. Cette fois, tout est prêt, Il ne me reste que les articles à écrire. Et j’avoue que j’ai vraiment hâte d’avoir vos retours sur […]

2021 project: the alchemist grove

Next year, we’ll start a new inner journey. Join me in The Alchemist Grove to go for an adventure that will make you discover your inner realm, and far more! 52 weeks, 52 cards. I will draw them, even if they will be heavily inspired by the one I made last summer for my own […]