The Alchemist Grove 28. The Elements: Air

This week, we will focus on a third element: Air. To me it represents clear thoughts, clear mind, that helps us to take decisions, to make choices. Air is also this soft breeze inspiring us. And it’s this deep breath we take from time to time, to come back to ourselves, to our serenity.

I am a very fiery person myself. But in time of crisis, or when facing choices, I have a secret weapon: I am able to clear my thoughts and mind, keeping my emotions at bay and analyze the situation with a clear mind. It took me a while and some really tough times to be able to just go from being a full empath to a pure mental being in a second. It’s not my favorite state of mind, to be completely honest, but I learned to use it to take really difficult decisions, or when I am overwhelmed with emotions. I must have like an emergency mode in my brain, that activates automatically when I am stressed or confused. This is what I call my survival mode. It’s a bit as if I could unveiling the situation with a lightning. I then see it clearly, in all its aspects, and act accordingly.

Most of the time, though, I just try to clear my mind and/or thoughts each evening. Putting things into perspective, trying to have the clearest vision, and determining the different paths I can choose. In a non emotional way. Which doesn’t mean in a cold way either. More in a state of peace, serenity, non judgemental. There are no bad or good choices. Each of them is a teacher. Just think about the last time you felt a soft breeze on your face… The way I see it, my thoughts connect into a web of possibilities, and offers me choices. I then can take my decisions depending on where I am right now in my life, pondering risks, and keeping in mind my main path.

Aside from helping us to see the situation as clearly as we can, Air also inspires us. When I am in a clear state of mind, when thoughts are wandering as they wish, they can connect to each other and give birth to ideas, plans, creativity. I then can add my own emotions, passions and skills to the project in order to bring it into reality. So when I feel stuck, or when I lack of motivation, when I lost my vision, I take a few deep breath, imagining it unveiling what I lost sight of. And as everything is clearer, I often get a motivation boost, or the ability to take a project to its end.

So to me, Air is a precious ally. It keeps me going as long as I can breathe. Helping me take decisions, make choices, inspiring me, relaxing me… And see as clearly as I can.

This week, take time to get in touch with your thoughts, your mind, and unveil what needs to be seen. See it as an opportunity to be at peace with yourself. Because you deserve it.

The card

Third one of the series. This one was challenging. I didn’t want to just draw an empty circle (I would have, if I got stuck, clearly hahaha). I took a break and went to make a cup of tea. And it hit me when I saw the steam… clouds. Oh, I know, technically it’s water… but then while I kept wondering how to represent the idea of something you can’t see, I took my cup of tea and watched through my window… a big storm was coming, and I could see the clouds moving really quickly… ok… so yes, clouds it will be! I didn’t get frustrated, I kept my thoughts on the idea of air, and opened my mind in order to allow it to inspire me, so I could make my choice… Air in a nutshell! I hope you’ll like it.

My journey

Our journal

I wish you a beautiful week.

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