The alchemist Grove 19. The Cave

Even in the darkness of the cave, we are building each other by sharing the drops of wisdom we receive from the Universe. We first can use them to grow stronger, but then we need to release the part we don’t need anymore to allow others to grow in their turn. We are building connections, […]

The Alchemist Grove 18. The forest.

This week, as we are done recognizing, exploring and integrating our senses, we will dive in our feelings, our connection. When I have the sensation to be overwhelmed by an emotion, not even being sure it is mine, I go to places where I can be in touch with Nature. Literally. If I can, I […]

The Alchemist Grove 17. The rose

This week, we explore our last sense: smell. It amazes me how the simple fact of smelling a scent can bring memories back to my mind and make me feel strong emotions. The scent of a violet will always be linked to my daughter, as it was her favorite. I used to wear violet perfume […]

The Alchemist Grove 16: flutes

We keep exploring of our senses. This week, we focus on hearing. When I wake up in the morning, especially if I slept with open windows, I love to be awaken by the sounds of my environment… I still have my eyes closed, my body is laying there, peacefully. And I know I am home […]

The Alchemist Grove 14. The feather

We keep exploring the Grove with our senses. This week, we will focus on touch. I usually don’t touch people I don’t know. Once I know who I am dealing with, then I can start touching them. Because, to me, touch is a very important sense. It creates a connection, a special bond between two […]

The Alchemist Grove 08. Rocks

This past year, we really found ourselves facing a lot of challenges one after the other. What became obvious is that we needed to find balance in our lives. We needed to balance our working life with our personal time, to reinvent relationships in order to keep the link with our friends and family without […]

The Alchemist Grove 07. The Pool.

This week, we take the time to look within. Self-reflection is an essential part of growth. By looking at what we did, what we lived, how we acted, how we lived it, what we learned from it, we have a better understanding of ourselves and the world we hold within. I love to take some […]

The alchemist Grove 06. Waterfall

This week, we enter the special place I told you about last week. Our secret and sacred inner waterfall, where we can relax and refill with peace, serenity. This is where I retreat when the world starts to drain me. When I feel stressed, filled with negativity, when my patience is worn out, when everything […]

The Alchemist Grove 05. Castle

We all go through storms in our life. Stress, anxiety, anger are part of what we can experience in our days. That’s why we need this special place within to retreat to when needed of a peaceful, calm time out of what gets to us. Our castle lays on strong foundations, and it offers all […]

The Alchemist Grove 03. Growth rings

As our roots dive deeply in the Grove soil, we can focus on our core. We can remove our attire and have an in depth look at our growth rings. Each ring tells a story about a lesson learned, values we hold dear, principles we live by. Each of them testifies of our growth as […]