The Alchemist Grove 33. The Moon

This week we will focus on cycles, and we will enjoy the full Moon to harvest the fruits of our intentions.

The Moon is, to me, the master of cycles. As a woman, my own cycle harmonizes with hers. As a human being, my life is more or less led by her rhythm, as a living being, I follow the cycle of Life. A lot of our life is led by cycles, whether we acknowledge them or not. And as tonight is a full Moon, there is no more perfect day to share with you my views on cycles.

If we look at the Moon cycle more closely, we will see that ours is not that different, from the new moon of our birth and childhood, when we bloom and grow in the womb of our family, to the first quarter of our young adult years, when we start to build our life, our family, when we are on our path, beginning our own unique journey, growing and being stronger, to the full moon of our mature adulthood, when we master our craft, when we know who we are, when we have reached stability and maturity, to the third quarter of our old age, when we slow our pace, when we spend time to reflect on our life, our family, and when we can see the accomplishments of our lifetime. We then go to our passing just life the moon embrace it’s dark moon phase.

We can also align with the Moon phases when it comes to projects, relationships, or spiritual journey. The new Moon of our life would be when we plant the seeds of our intentions, our dreams, into the darkness of our mind, keeping them safe, letting them take roots, slowly, safely, until they are ready to get out. Then they may start to sprout in the first quarter of our desires, and require all our attention and care. This is where we give them our full attention, nourishing them, protecting them, making sure they get all they need to be healthy and grow strong. Then they fully bloom on the full moon of our harvest, and we can see the fruits of our labor, harvest them, enjoy their abundance and make sure to share them. Lastly, the last quarter of our thoughts offers us a time to gather the lessons learned and to be grateful. Before a new cycle starts, again, and again and again, to fulfill our intentions and desires, to make us grow to our full potential and be the beautiful beings we are meant to be.

Our life is lead by cycles: hours, days, weeks, months, seasons, years. We can choose to follow them, to go with the flow of Life, to belong to its rhythm, or we can try to fight against it, it’s up to us. By embracing our cyclic nature, we allow ourselves to embrace the universality of it, as a living being. By trying to go against it, we let our ego take over, and it disconnect us from the universal rhythm. I chose to fully embrace them, and to go back to a more natural approach of my own rhythm and cycles. As women, we are sometimes taught that we go through 3 phases: the Child, then the Mother, and lastly the Crone. There is something missing here, to be honest…. We don’t go from the mother to the crone…. There is this time where we reign on our own life, blooming, confident, where we don’t have anything to prove to anyone. This is the time of the Queen phase. This is when we are shining, confident and accepting, sharing what we know, what we learned, embracing our body and being fully women, not only mothers, not only daughters, not yet elder. This is when we are free to be whoever we want, when we can show our true power over our own life, caring for our kingdom, caring for our family, reconnecting with our body as the beautiful vessel it is, welcoming the changes it went through and will go through, owning each steps. I see my grew hair as a crone, and I held my head up high, proud of it. I embrace my stretch marks and round belly as trophies earned being a mother. And I am happy they are here, as in my case, they are the last signs I once was a mother. I own my shapes, my curves, as feminine attributes, and i don’t try to hide them. I adorn them as something I can be proud of. I am reigning over my own life, being the one I want to be. I respect others, but I won’t tolerate disrespect. I will educate, but won’t hide my power over my own life. I chose to embrace it, I chose to go with the flow, and I am grateful I did.

So this week, be aware of the cycles in your life, and try to align with them. Because you deserve it.

The card

Today is a full moon, so I couldn’t resist the temptation to draw it. it was that simple. Just a plain, bright yet soft full moon. There is really nothing else to add. I hope you enjoy it!

My journey

Our journal

I wish you a beautiful week.

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