The Alchemist Grove 30. The Daisy.

This week, just like daisies, we will open ourselves. To the world, and to ourselves. We will fearlessly expose our heart and receive what the world has to offer. To be open is not that easy. As long as we are led by fear. Fear to be hurt, fear to be misunderstood, fear to be […]

The Alchemist Grove 29. The Elements: Earth.

This week, we will journey with the last of the four elements: Earth. To me, Earth is the anchoring, nourishing one. It’s the forces that provide us with everything we need in order to grow, to expand while being deeply grounded in our own reality. I sometimes feel all over the place mentally. Too many […]

The Alchemist Grove 28. The Elements: Air

This week, we will focus on a third element: Air. To me it represents clear thoughts, clear mind, that helps us to take decisions, to make choices. Air is also this soft breeze inspiring us. And it’s this deep breath we take from time to time, to come back to ourselves, to our serenity. I […]

The Alchemist Grove 27. The Elements : Water.

This week we go on exploring the four elements. After the passion of Fire, it’s time for us to dive into the deep purification of Water. When I feel stressed after a working day, or after simply being with too many people, I go and take a long shower. I love to see it as […]

The Alchemist Grove 26. The Elements: Fire.

This week, we will start to explore the four elements, beginning with Fire. Fire is passion, motivation, will, action. As I feel at the edge of beginning a new cycle of my life, I felt as appropriate to check with each of the elements, to remember and integrate each of them within me for the […]

The Alchemist Grove 25. The Sun.

When I saw the topic of this week, I couldn’t help but laughing for a good 15 minutes. You see, we are in the middle of a heat wave and I really have a hard time with it. I am not made for that kind of temperatures… or light… but I gave it a thought […]

The Alchemist Grove 24. The Hill

This week, we will focus on reaching a goal, on accomplishing a quest. Sometimes, we feel stuck in our everyday life. We loose the motivation or the little spark that makes us willing to go further, to project ourselves into something. We just take one day as it comes, and live through it, without any […]

The Alchemist Grove 23. The Camp.

This week, we will take a break, step back and take care of ourselves. I need to take breaks regularly from the whirlpool that life can be. I can take a few hours only, or full days, just being by myself, energetically reloading, and enjoying solitude. It’s a cleansing habit of mine. When I start […]

The Alchemist Grove 22. The Path.

This week, we will focus on letting go, on following the flow, on trusting the process. Sometimes, we need to stop trying to figure things out. We just have to trust in the process, be aware of synchronicities and go with the flow. When I feel stuck in an area of my life, I don’t […]

The Alchemist Grove 21. The Standing Stone.

This week, we will hold our ground. We will stand strong and proud, guarding and protecting what needs to be. And we will let the light go through us and release it for the world to enjoy. The time has come for us to show the world our growth. There is still so much to […]