The Alchemist Grove 29. The Elements: Earth.

This week, we will journey with the last of the four elements: Earth. To me, Earth is the anchoring, nourishing one. It’s the forces that provide us with everything we need in order to grow, to expand while being deeply grounded in our own reality.

I sometimes feel all over the place mentally. Too many things to deal with, too many emotions, and so little time to deal with them all. This is when I need to go to one of my favorite natural place. It can be by the lake, or in my parents’ garden. Or to any place I feel drawn to. I first look at it, then I choose somewhere I can sit. It can be a rock, grass, a tree, pebbles on a river bank, wherever I feel I can sit in a comfortable way. I then remove my shoes, and let my feet play on the soil, making contact with it. I can then meditate, or listen to the birds, to the leaves playing together, to the water, or take a book and relax. It’s not a time I waste doing nothing, or avoiding taking care of what needs to be taken care of. It’s an anchoring time, a time where I can download what I need to recover balance within. It’s a time where I go back to myself, to my inner peace. Then I can go back to what needs to be done, and be efficient in it.

We often loose this contact with earth, in our modern life. And we loose track of what it feels to be. I am lucky to live in a very natural place, and I can choose the one that feels the rightest when I feel I need to go get in touch with Nature. When are often led to believe that nature is dangerous, that it’s ‘dirty’, that we need to keep it clean at all cost… even if this cost is to cut ourselves from this connection, from this amazing way to anchor ourselves in our reality, in our identity. We are part of it, we are living beings. And we may try to deny it, to put ourselves on top of things, while we just are cells or an amazing living organism. We are part of it, and we are nourishing it as well as it nourishes us.

To me, Earth is that feeling of humility as well as belonging. Spending time in natural places really make me feel that special connection with what is around me. When I see my parents’ small garden, it makes me happy. They take care of it, and it nourishes them back. In a way, it is, at a really small scale, the illustration of our relationship with the element earth. If we take care of it, if we recognize it, if we connect to it, if we work with it, it will give us back what we need to grow, to be nourished, to go on, to be healthy.

When I meditate or just enjoy being in natural place, I really feel this connection. I often put not only my bare feet on the ground, but also my hands, palm down. I imagine the energy going through me, in a circle, from the ground, through my whole body, entering by my feet and going out through my palms, to go back to the ground. It’s a bit as if I was filling my batteries back, it truly feels that way. And it feel sooooo good.

So this week, try to find some time to go and connect yourself to earth, to fill your own personal battery with all what earth as to offer. Because you deserve it.

The card

This is the fourth and last one of the elements cards. I didn’t want to only express the grounding aspect of the element but also the nourish part of it.. So I went for a small plant… I love drawing them traditionally, with my pens and watercolors and it felt so good to be able to shift it to digital! I spend a bit of time drawing studies, and plants where my main focus at first, because I just love them so much! And they seem so… joyful! Fragile yet determined to grow, deeply and strongly anchored in the nourishing soil. What else could represent element earth than these ? I hope you’ll like it too!

My journey

Our Journal

I wish you a beautiful week.

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