The Alchemist Grove 26. The Elements: Fire.

This week, we will start to explore the four elements, beginning with Fire. Fire is passion, motivation, will, action.

As I feel at the edge of beginning a new cycle of my life, I felt as appropriate to check with each of the elements, to remember and integrate each of them within me for the time being. And as the last stage was Sun, starting with fire seemed appropriate.

I am a rather passionate being. When I feel drawn to something, I will aim all my will to understand it, put it in perspective, master it. I am strong willed and nothing can stop me if I set my mind on something. I am driven by a seemingly endless curiosity, and I am not afraid to act upon things I think deserve my whole attention.

My inner warrior is fueled by this inner flame of mine. I am fearless (what is left for me to lose? Nothing), strong willed, and I can take a lot. I am not afraid to fight for something I feel is worth it. I am not afraid to be defeated, as I know that I will then rise from my own ashes, stronger, wiser, and even more determined. I have this thirst for life that pushes me to act whenever I feel like. I am not afraid to show my true colors to the world, and they can definitely feel the fire burning within.

Fire is also creativity. It’s the spark that ignite inspiration, the enthusiasm of creation, the visions I try to manifest. Anything can be inspiration. Anything can be the source of a blazing spiral of art, in the form they choose to be.

Fire is the life that burns within, is what makes me go further, go deeper, go higher, without fear, expecting the unexpected. It’s what inspires me, what makes me create, share, with enthusiasm.

Fire was meant to be the first element I align with, this week.

So this week, explore the element of fire in your life, accept it as a part of you and enjoy the ride it will offer you!

The card

I drew 4 cards last week, one for each of the elements. They are all in the same format, they all represent the essence of each element, to me. Therefore they are simple, straightforward, but full of their own magic. I never truly drew a flame before, and it was an experiment I really enjoyed. I hope you like it too!

My journey

Our journal

I wish you a sweet week, because you deserve it.

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