The Alchemist Grove 32. The Desert.

This week, we will focus on appreciating the time we can spend alone. The heat wave made me stay at home, by myself. I usually spend most of my summer in a kind of retreat, to reset. But first, I spend the first half of my break working, to get everything ready for the coming year. Once it’s done, I then can enjoy to live following my own rhythm, doing whatever brings me happiness, learn and read on subjects that interest me. Both rejuvenating and growing.

I learned to love being by myself, especially when my job requires me to be in contact with a lot of people during the rest of the year, to deal with their realities, to consider their views and expectation while driving them to understand mine and to try and educate those 25 tiny humans. It takes a lot of my energy, patience, and confidence. I often am completely drained. It’s not a matter of sane boundaries not being raised, it’s the toll I have to pay to do this job. And last year was even more demanding, with the sanitary protocol we had to put in place without the means to do so, and without help whatsoever of the hierarchy who seemed to have fun to change the rules as soon as we dealt with their orders… Not the best year, for sure. So yes, I really need time to reset, to gain my strengths back, to step back from the stress and the nonsense of it all. It’s a deep cleansing, in a way.

I also have no problem confronting my thoughts, and the break gives me the opportunity to dive deeper into realms of interests, to discover, to understand. I nourish my soul and my mind, while taking care of my body… I am not made for summer temperatures, hitting 35°C this year… I try to really make sure I sleep, hydrate and keep my body as comfortable as possible. Reading is them my favorite activity, with napping… as i really can’t do as I am used to… and no, no AC here, so the heat really can take a toll on my overall health. But I found that adjusting my sleep schedule to the warmer hours allows me to be more efficient on the cooler ones… Which means that I am mainly nocturnal on the hottest days… and it’s perfect to me!

Summer is really a time of self care for me. I see it as a retreat, and I usually learn a lot about my growth then. But in order to do so, I needed to treat myself as I deserved. I learned to respect my thoughts, and to understand my way of thinking. I learned to listen to my body and its needs, and to do all I can to fulfill them. I learned to embrace my emotions and let them express themselves as they wish… it’s a really freeing time, actually. I can spend as much time taking care of myself, instead of taking care of others, and I really need it. I am still in contact with my friends and family, but I put myself first, and it feels good. I need that reset. I then can go back, at my pace, to social interaction, with a far better state of mind.

I really enjoy this time because it really allows me to connect with everything I love. And it brings me so much!! After a while, I start to open to the little things, and see the wonder of the world again. I end up being completely in peace and harmony with myself, and ready to conquer the world again. I really value this time of retreat as a gift I make to myself. A time to reconnect with myself, my aspirations, my inspirations, to focus on what brings me joy and this serenity I run after all year long. And if some don’t understand, because to them it’s the perfect time to be with people, to discover new places, to party, I just remind them that I see a lot of people all year long, all day long, and that I am more an introvert. I just choose who I want to be with and when, but I mainly stay by myself. Because I deserve all my attention, at least once a year. And I am lucky enough to be able to do so.

This time is also rich in creativity. As i mostly have nothing to worry about, I can really free my mind and let my soul express itself. This is when I start to envision the yearly journey, when I plant its seed. This is when I explore new medias, new practices, when I read, write, draw, paint, design… when I take the time to feed my creativity and let it bloom.

So this week, try to find some time for yourself, plan a date with yourself, organize a self care day/week end/ week and reconnect with the one you are. because you deserve it.

The card.

I take digital painting lessons. And this week we had to do several sketches, preferably different subjects : objects, animals, characters, landscape. With this heat, I thought about a desert, right away hahaha. I did the sketch for my courses, but then when another way to draw the card: I took the same reference, but this time worked with color blocks, then worked from them to a more detailed image. I guess I was done with sketches for now hahaha. It was a really interesting process, a bit like sculpting shapes, and I learned a lot. I am pretty happy with the way it went at the end. I hope you’ll like it too!

My journey

Our journal

I wish you a beautiful week!

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