The Alchemist Grove 15. The bowl

This week we will explore another sense: taste. We often don’t really give it enough of our attention. We like this meal, or we don’t like it, we are attracted to this or that, but we rarely experiment our taste. I love tea. And I am trying to learn plants property to mix herbal teas […]

The Alchemist Grove 14. The feather

We keep exploring the Grove with our senses. This week, we will focus on touch. I usually don’t touch people I don’t know. Once I know who I am dealing with, then I can start touching them. Because, to me, touch is a very important sense. It creates a connection, a special bond between two […]

The Alchemist Grove 13. Dew drop

First week of Spring, everything seems to wake up. I thought it would be a good idea to start our exploration of the Grove with our five senses. Beginning this week with sight. We often look at things, look at people, look at landscapes… Without seeing them. So this week, we will truly try to […]

The Alchemist Grove 12. The Egg

The time has come for us to get out of our shell, of our comfort zone and to explore the Grove. We need to get rid our our dull enveloppe to let our shining selves wander between the trees, connect with Nature and explore the magic of our existence. We are so used to shell […]

The Alchemist Grove 11. The Door.

Last week of winter. It’s time for us to step out of our shelter and to start our new journey in the grove. A door is opening, as well as we are. Outside, everything is peaceful and welcoming. We can confidently make our first step forward. We already have a choice to make. But we […]

The Alchemist Grove 10. Bag

This week, we pack our bag to make sure we have everything we’ll need on our journey. I love packing. Because I put in my bag a mix of things I need wherever I go, and things I want to take with me. It’s a moment of choice, of preparation to live something unusual, to […]

The Alchemist Grove 09. Books

Books are magical to me. Words have their own magic power, they can materialize our deepest feelings, our secrets, as well as they allow us to have access to other people thoughts, inner world. They are this simple but effective mean to communicate knowledge, from centuries ago, or the latest discoveries. They create a culture, […]

The Alchemist Grove 08. Rocks

This past year, we really found ourselves facing a lot of challenges one after the other. What became obvious is that we needed to find balance in our lives. We needed to balance our working life with our personal time, to reinvent relationships in order to keep the link with our friends and family without […]

The Alchemist Grove 07. The Pool.

This week, we take the time to look within. Self-reflection is an essential part of growth. By looking at what we did, what we lived, how we acted, how we lived it, what we learned from it, we have a better understanding of ourselves and the world we hold within. I love to take some […]

The alchemist Grove 06. Waterfall

This week, we enter the special place I told you about last week. Our secret and sacred inner waterfall, where we can relax and refill with peace, serenity. This is where I retreat when the world starts to drain me. When I feel stressed, filled with negativity, when my patience is worn out, when everything […]