The Alchemist Grove 14. The feather

We keep exploring the Grove with our senses. This week, we will focus on touch.

I usually don’t touch people I don’t know. Once I know who I am dealing with, then I can start touching them. Because, to me, touch is a very important sense. It creates a connection, a special bond between two people. As if we share piece of our energies. It’s the way I feel it. And this past year, I realized the importance of touch, as I am deprived of any human contact… I am not a tactile type of person, but after a year, I miss touching my parents, my nephews, my friends. But I am working in an unsafe environment and I have to protect them. If I can’t touch those I love, because of distance or the pandemic, I am lucky enough to live with the cat, and she is the happy recipient of my need for contact. But it’s obviously different than cuddling with a loved one. But I decided to spend this time exploring what touching meant for me, and to give it its place in my sensory library.

This year, I spent time to explore my five senses, and when it comes to touch, I really tried to expand my experiences, to do it as mindfully as possible. The simplest things became experiences, because I focused on my senses while doing them. Taking my daily shower was more than just cleaning my body, it became a real cleansing of my being. I focus on the water running on me from top to bottom, and I can envision not only the dirt but also the negativity going with the running water. I really try to focus on the sensory feeling of the water on my shin. Cooking became an exploration of textures, of shapes, and each walk in nature is a lesson from which I come back with a lot of sensory items to order in my inner library. I love having pebbles in my pockets I can touch. It soothes me, as I run my fingertips on their surface, softly warming them with my own body temperature.

I also felt the cycle of seasons this year, on my skin. The warmth of summer, the coolness of autumn, the cold bite of winter, to come back to a warmer spring. As if my body, in need to contact, of touch, looked for any experience it could have to feel, to touch. And I am grateful to have taken this time to do so. I really expanded my sensory library and realized how touche can be a comforting sense, that by caressing an object, a pet or a person can bring us this immediate peace.

And that sensation expands as far as I am concern to the pens or brushes I use to draw, to paint, to write. The friction of the tool on the paper, on the drawing pad is something that brings me immediate peace. Each stroke help me letting go of whatever bothers me. And if I am already at peace when I start drawing or writing, it takes me to a journey of its own. Each craft I do brings its own tactile sensation, and this discovery really helped me overcoming the negativity I am confronted in my everyday life. So it became a daily ritual. Crafting, writing, drawing, even typing, each and every day, to come back to balance, to explore the tactile sensations, to soothe my soul.

So this week, spend some time, even if it’s only a short moment, to explore your sense of touch. To focus on what you feel on your finger tips, with your skin. And find what bring you joy, peace or any comforting sensation.

The card

I wanted to draw something that would express a soft touch. I first thought about a leaf touching water, but I already drew a leaf on my former card, so I wanted something different. And the idea of the feather came as an obvious choice. I never drew feathers before, just approached it with a bird once. I loved drawing it! I think there will be more of them for time to time hahaha. I chose to keep it simple, and to draw it in light neutral colors. Because I already knew I would use purple and eggplant as a background (they were Emma’s favorite colors, and I wanted to honor her passing 5 years ago, plus the feather… perfect!!). I experienced a lot with this simple drawing, actually, played with layers, and I hope you will like it as much as I do!

My journey

Our journal

Our cards / stickers

I wish you a sweet week, and I see you next Sunday for a new stage. Meanwhile, keep in touch with yourselves! You deserve it.

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