The Alchemist Grove 12. The Egg

The time has come for us to get out of our shell, of our comfort zone and to explore the Grove. We need to get rid our our dull enveloppe to let our shining selves wander between the trees, connect with Nature and explore the magic of our existence.

We are so used to shell ourselves, to blend, that we tend to lose what we truly are, what we are meant to be. The time has come to wake up, and to rise, and Spring gives us the opportunity to do so in harmony with the nature surrounding us. Let’s grab it and enjoy this come back to live. Let’s bloom, let’s show our true colors, let’s rise and shine. We don’t need to stay in our shell, in our bud. Winter gave us all we need to get out with confidence, to walk in the Grove as if we were home. Because we are.

Let’s allow ourselves to truly be tuned to nature cycle, to enjoy this come back to life, to be free to be who we are, to show the world how we have changed to be a better version of ourselves. Because we are worth it. The time to hide withing our shell is gone. We are ready to bring our uniqueness to the Grove, and to enjoy each step.

As we get out of our shelter, we let our vibes resonate as they never did before. They, too, have changed. They are stronger, they are higher. And they will attract those who can connect with them. We send a message in the Grove: we are awaken, we are ready to grow even further, we are ready to share and to learn. The time has come to contribute to the collective, to bring our wisdom, to share and teach the lessons we learned. To show our strength, our wisdom, our vulnerability too, as we are not protected by our shell anymore.

We are not scared, as we wander soul naked. We have nothing to hide anymore, nothing to fear. We gained confidence during our winter, and we know that whatever comes, we will face it with inner peace, with wisdom. Our boundaries are sane, our roots run deep in the soil, we are connected to the collective. We are protected, even if we first feel vulnerable exposing ourselves so genuinely to the world.

As we step into the Grove, we feel home, we feel connected to each plant, tree, mushroom, creature. We also can perceive those glowing light in the far, belonging to those who hatched just as we did. We may meet, if our paths lead us toward each other. Or we may just go on feeling each other’s presence, and it will be comforting knowing that we are never alone. We are part of a whole.

Let’s bloom together, Spring is showing us the way.

The card

I went for the egg instead of a bud, because I really felt that it requires us an effort to hatch, to break our shell and reveal the sparkling being we are. The shell obviously had to be special, almost mystical, beautiful. We wouldn’t have spent that much time within if it was not amazingly protective. But it is nothing compared to what we are. I wanted to express this uniqueness, this wonderful nature of ours. We are meant to rise and shine, so I went with a crystal-like texture in the cracks of the shell. And I set the egg in a bed of grass, soft, warm, as we don’t come from a place of pain or challenge. We only went through a winter of self discovery and we are ready to explore the Grove. Speaking of, the Grove is glowing with a ray of spring sunshine, reaching our shell. This is the signal we were waiting for. The time has come to go to the light, within the grove, to touch trees and plants, to be home. i wanted it to be as welcoming as possible. But the focus had to be on the egg, so I kept the background in subtle colors. I hope it gives you this feeling too.

My journey

Our journal

Our cards and/or stickers

I wish you a beautiful bloom!

PS: I enter this time of year where I usually go back to my shell, but this year, I decided to remain open. It’s an experience in itself. The positive side is that my creativity is at its peak. The more challenging part is that I need to tame this pain. But feeling is to be alive. Pain is part of the journey too. I need to embrace it, as I embrace the lighter parts. I chose to truly live, so I take each day as it comes, and I try to make the best of it. I will share more of the stuff I created the following days, as I will take a few days off work to focus on my personal growth as peacefully as possible, and to keep in balance.

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