The Alchemist Grove 08. Rocks

This past year, we really found ourselves facing a lot of challenges one after the other. What became obvious is that we needed to find balance in our lives. We needed to balance our working life with our personal time, to reinvent relationships in order to keep the link with our friends and family without putting anyone at risk, and to adapt the way we acted to the needs of the time, without loosing ourselves in anxiety or anger. We learned to do it, and we went beyond. We learned valuable lessons, lessons that are part of who we are, how we act, how we think now.

Balance is not an easy task to accomplish. Because we have to deal with expectations from outside as well as inside. We need to have a higher vision, a more global approach of our life to be able to establish priorities and to make sure that each realm has its own time, that we don’t forget something important on our way.

Finding balance requires a lot of adjustments, and our pile of rocks may collapse a couple of time before we can find the way to organize it so that it stays still. It requires patience, and determination. But once we achieve this balance between what makes our life the one it is, we find peace. And all the time spent to order the chaotic stack of colorful, funky shaped of rocks of our interests and responsibilities, of our passions and obligations, of our social and lonely time, was a learning process to who we are, what we hold as important.

I need to balance my professional life with creativity. I need to keep time for myself, in order to enjoy the time I spend with others. I need to spend time learning something new and to share. I understood that the complexity of life is to recognize the balance between each part of who we are. Each and every thing we do, think or feel has its counterpart, and the two of them are what makes us whole beings. So I learned to accept what’s on my way, trying to determine if I need it to balance something I already have within, or if it opens me to another possibility.

When I’m stressed or irritated, I know that I lack balance within and I try to understand what would bring me back to this state of mind I really enjoy and love. Sometimes it doesn’t depend on me. But most of the time, I just need to take a few steps in the right direction to reach the balance I lost. With time, I learned to recognize when I start to lose balance and I created a path to find it back. To me, it requires a warm shower, some music and creativity. It allow my mind to free itself from the negativity it was trapped into, and to step back from what triggered it. Now in a place of peace, I can see what needs to be changed and act accordingly.

This week, we focus on balance and the ways we can reach it.

The card

I love to make piles of rocks, I find if both relaxing and focusing. And to me balance is all about walking on this fine line between the two. At first, I drew really colorful rocks, but I changed my mind and made them more neutral. It felt more appropriate. I wanted to express the fact that each rock fitted with the others, no matter how big or small it was. Because in our lives, we also have those big important realms that require a lot for our time and energy, but our pile is not complete without these small things that bring interest to it. I then added water int he background, because balance is for a good part balancing our emotions. Sky and clouds are here to symbolize air, the mind, because it’s also about keeping stress and overthinking away. Of course, once we succeed on building our pile of rocks, we feel it as an achievement, which it is, and the sun beam is here to celebrate it. Nothing would be complete without some sparks, so hey, why not? We can be proud of ourselves to have been able to balance all these rocks together, and we can now go back to our journey.

My journey

Our journal

Our cards and stickers

I made some new backgrounds yesterday, with watercolors and salt. I really had fun and I hope you like them!

That’s it for this week. I wish you a good week in balance and inner peace.

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