The Alchemist Grove 11. The Door.

Last week of winter. It’s time for us to step out of our shelter and to start our new journey in the grove. A door is opening, as well as we are. Outside, everything is peaceful and welcoming. We can confidently make our first step forward.

We already have a choice to make. But we are at peace, as we know that each one of them is the good one now and here. We are ready to welcome everything, to embrace what comes on our path. We know that each obstacle will be a stepping stone, that each encounter will be a lesson, that each place we will visit will be home.

Now is the time to enjoy the beginning of our new adventure, to open our mind, our arms, our eyes. To see, feel and understand what is surrounding us. And to realize we are belonging to it. We breathe the ocean air, filling our entire being with its benefits. We let our eyes get used to the soft light of the rising sun. It’s a perfect day to begin our journey. The air is still cool, as Winter softly welcome Spring in the cycle of life.

I love to envision them having a chat about what happened these last 3 months, then Winter gives the keys to Spring and go rest, its mission accomplished. Spring is a playful one and proceeds to have fun with weather, making sure that everything works as it’s supposed to, sometimes within a single day. Then it will slowly let the sun warm up a bit and Life will wake up and join the party.

And in a way, this is also the way I see myself during this time. To me march is a special month, and I go through a lot till the end of it, when I finally can go back to live, free from flashbacks and sad memories. And then I just let life take over, as if a veil is being lifted to the beauty of the world. I accept this cycle, as it makes me appreciate even more the rebirth of Spring. A bit as if I needed to go deep one last time before rising and shining full strength after that. Being my phoenix self once more.

Now is the time to open ourselves to life, to send our intentions to the world and act on making our dream come true. We have all we need to do so. Our journey begins with a single step forward. Let’s do it!

So let’s step out of our comfort zone, and dive into the world awaiting for us.

The card

I wanted to express openness to what comes, and went for the door, as it allows us to step out of our comfort zone, through it. It’s a rite of passage, when we decide to take action and actually go forward. I wanted to show a contrast between the known and what is awaiting for us. And to motivate us, it needed to be brighter outside than inside… Otherwise, we would never go and explore it with confidence. So I drew really dark walls, but that can be lighten by a single sunbeam. We aren’t in darkness, we just switched of the light to get out of here. The door has no handle, because we are free to come and go whenever we want to. We don’t have to lock ourselves inside, we are safe, we can leave without fearing for what we left behind, it’s safe. I wanted to show that the world is welcoming us, so I drew a peaceful beach with soft sand, and grass here and there, as life is awaiting. I wanted to express that we are protected, so I added islands protecting our shelter from possible raging waves. Nothing is perfect, and clouds are here to remind us that we may go through some bad weather, but right now, everything is fine, peaceful, ready to help us going forward. And as we are who we are, I added some sparks here and there!

My journey

Our journal

Our cards and/or stickers

I wish you a good week. Make your first step forward, and let the world welcoming you.

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