The Alchemist Grove 10. Bag

This week, we pack our bag to make sure we have everything we’ll need on our journey.

I love packing. Because I put in my bag a mix of things I need wherever I go, and things I want to take with me. It’s a moment of choice, of preparation to live something unusual, to discover new people, new places. It’s when expectations meet readiness. When everything is both foggy and perfectly clear. It’s when I feel that I am now able to live this experience fully, because I prepared to do so, and that I have all the tools I need to really enjoy it.

I am both ready to live something new and to bring my own experience with me to share with whomever will be willing to do so. I bring with me my vision, while being ready to receive unique sensations brought by the places I go, by the people I’ll meet, by the atmosphere of the journey. It’s a leap in the unknown as well as an experience lived by the known.

While I pack, I feel the excitement rising, as I know that each journey brings something that can change my life or at least my vision of things. I always try to keep an open mind, open eyes, open arms. To live it at its fullest. I don’t forget to bring with me something to write my thoughts, emotions, sensations on. And I take a lot of pictures, that will bring me back to those moments. I take pictures of people, places, and sometimes of just little things that inspire me… rocks, plants, landscape, skies. All my senses are turned on and I absorb as much as I can. It’s a really intense experience, but I love it that way.

In order to live it at its fullest, I need to make sure I have everything I need with me: joy, openness, warm clothes for those endless night reinventing the world, a will to share, a will to learn from everything and anything on my path, and the serenity to take the time I feel I need to go to the core of it.

So this week, we fill our bag with everything we need to make the journey in the Grove something unique, life changing, nourishing… with a peaceful mind, a readiness to the unexpected and a will to enjoy each and every step. Grab your favorite bag, fill it, and get ready!

The card

I have a thing with messenger bags. I love them, I love all their pockets, the easy access to whatever they hold, and they hold a lot! My everyday bag is a messenger bag. Usually, it carries my wallet, my phone; my keys, a notebook or two, and my tin whistles. There is still room for more, so I can harvest rocks, leaves, feathers, everything that I can find on my path. I wanted to bring that sensation in the card, and yeah, it couldn’t be anything else than a messenger bag hahaha. We are not yet on our journey, but almost, so I drew a tree below which we can rest, in its shadow, sharing a last moment with the wisdom of this ancient one. Then we will get up, and go on this path leading to the unknown, under the sunlight. Our time will come to shine. Now we need to gather our strengths.

My journey

Our journal

Our cards and/or stickers

I decided to go with both colored and black and white versions. Enjoy!

Next week will be or last winter week. Then we’ll jump into Spring, bloom, hatch, and enjoy those warmer days, the come back of the colors. We will return to life, fully.

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