Respire encore/ Breathe again

J’ai décidé de me concentrer sur ma respiration et sur mon dernier dessin en le transformant en peinture digitale. J’ai pris mon temps, j’ai essayé de rendre le plus fidèlement possible ce que j’avais en tête… et voila le résultat. I decided to focus on my respiration and on my last drawing making a digital […]

Inktober day 23/ jour 23. Leak/Fuite

Still learning, and feeling more comfortable with indian ink. Sometimes I’m surprised and happy with what I do and then there is that line I should have drawn that makes me scream whyyyy??? But Whyyyyyyy??? Oh well, it seems I learn to let go too haha Je continue à apprendre, à apprivoiser l’encre de Chine. […]

Inktober day 20/ jour 20. Sprout/germer, pousser

Synchronicities…. I sketched something for yesterday’s prompt, but I wasn’t happy with it, it seemed.. souless to me, suddenly. I drew my sketch over, and ended with this. I drew and inked it yesterday morning. And yesterday afternoon, in a course I am committed to, we talked about planting seeds and tending them with some […]