2019 Epopee: card #6. I am COMPLETE

On my dark days, I felt a hole in my chest, feeding from my pain. Now most of the time, I feel whole, complete, nourishing myself with everything I see, hear, feel. Of course, I still have my down days, from time to time, when a date comes to scratch my self and cut a scar open. But most of the time, I just enjoy the little things in life, and take everything as a gift.

Last week I talked about what restrains us. And my way to free myself from most of the shackles that kept me from walking my path of life. It’s a matter of perspective, really. Most of the time, you just have to switch from a point of view to another one to make your world look completely different. It’s something I trained myself and I can experience its benefit each and every day.

So on those bad times I go through sometimes, I force myself to look at things a different way. And I try to keep in mind that nothing is bad or good, by essence. We make them be bad or good. They are neutral. Same with feelings.

Then I came to realize that my feelings those days, the sadness, the feeling of loss, even the hole in my core make me complete. I am whole with them. Because they are part of the palette of my soul’s colors. I wouldn’t be whole without this darkness. I would be incomplete. I would only be part of who I am. That’s why I learned to be thankful to feel these emotions. To greet my sadness, to smile at my anger, to be in peace with my revolt, to caress my tears. They are part of me.

With time, I’ve learned to accept them, as I came to accept who I was. And make peace with this idea that I need them to be fully myself.

I am complete, I am whole. And I am too in expansion, as we all are. So as I expand, I know that I will be able to feel more, deeply, subtly, fully. And I accept it. Because I have the luck to experience these emotions, these aspect of human nature. And I tend to think that it makes me a better person. As I explore my inner world, as I walk my path of life, as I interact with the world, I learn, I grow, and I expand my wholeness.

And I really feel privileged to be able to step back and see it.

Let me tell you a secret: the more you share, the more you give, the more complete you become. Because interaction leads to exchange. You learn about others as you learn about yourself. Sharing experiences, views, opinions, brings you as much if not more than you give. And it makes the beauty of it. Spending time with nature, friends, even yourself, everything, each experience, each person, brings you a piece of your wholeness. It then can expand and you have therefore more to share, more to give, more to gain.

It brings me a sense of serenity, a peace of mind, an opening to outer and inner journey. It gives my life a whole different taste, a whole different meaning. So in my dark days, I can smile and be sure that they too will bring me a piece of myself. And greet them as I would greet old time friends, enjoying the stories they would tell me and the lessons they would give me through their experiences of life.

So this week, let’s celebrate the fact that we are complete. And enjoy the fact that we can grow beautifully from that simple truth.

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