2019 epopee: card#23. I follow my own RHYTHM

Life is a dance. That’s a fact. Life is a symphony. We can’t deny it. Now it’s up to us to dance in a group, in couple, or by ourselves. Some of us will enjoy the proximity of others, and moving at the same pace is something kind of hypnotic. Others will only focus on their significant one and will enjoy their life as a tango or a waltz. Others will just dance as if nobody is watching, following the rhythm their soul inspire them. What really matters, is that we are all able to enjoy dancing.

I chose to follow my own rhythm. The one that speaks to my core. If I need to, though, I will be a part of a group, I will go at their pace. But as soon as I can, I will go back to my own dance. And enjoy each second of it.

I can’t spend a single day without listening to music. It’s part of who I am. I need to feel others rhythm to align, and to go back to my own. I tap the energy I need into music. I let go of energy I don’t need anymore dancing. I share my own energy singing and playing whistle. When I listen to someone’s music, it tells me a lot about the person, what they feel, what they need to tell. It resonates with my own emotions, my own needs.

Music is a powerful healer. We just need to let it come within, and wash away all that needs to go. Or let it enhance an emotion we feel. Or let it sooth our mind. Music is a very sensual magic. It connects with our body, with our mind, with our emotions… Depending on what we want to experiment, we can always find the right soundtrack for it.. And enjoy the ride.

Everything is rhythm, when you think about it. And each of us has its own symphony within. When you follow your own rhythm, you reach a part of you that goes back to the origins. It links you to something that is as old as the first word ever spoken. Languages are music, each of them has its own rhythm, its own musicality… It’s up to you to engage and let them show you their universe. You don’t need to master a language to feel its message, just listen to it, feel it. Rhythm is beyond communication. It’s tapping into the core of who we are as human beings, and being part of something deeper than space or time. It’s going back to our origins and being aware that we are part of something that goes beyond words, culture or self inflicted boundaries.

So go, follow your own rhythm, enjoy the journey, open yourself to each notes and chords. Dance like you never did before. Let music take you to your core.

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