2020 saga. Momentum.

So I am letting go. And it feels like I see things far clearer than before. I let go of everything and anything that didn’t depend on me. And I let myself go with the flow. As I did, I surrendered to the momentum. And everything was falling into place.

The funny thing is that I though I was stepping back. Instead, I was projected forward by a force I had within the whole time. By allowing myself to embrace life as it comes, I open the field of possibilities. I can be caught in storms but I am not lost. I am the one who stand still and guide others. When the storm is gone, I can let them take the lead again, I don’t really care about this kind of things.

So by letting go, I free myself. And allow me to live whatever comes. I am more open to people, to listening whatever they have to share with me. I am allowing myself to bring them a piece of my inner peace (ha!). I take everything as an experience to live and enjoy. I am fearless because I know that I can face anything. I’ve been through hell and came back a couple of time, and I faced my worst fears. Still I am alive, truly alive, back to the one I was supposed to be, and determined to explore what I left aside while recovering from my last trip to my inner hell…

I caught the momentum and let it project me to whatever I have to live, enjoying each and every step forward, enjoying each person I meet. Enjoying the stories told. I reconnected with my love to beat absurdity at its own games… using its own weapons. I practice my own alchemy at its fullest.With a new twist: the momentum I create by absorbing negativity and releasing positivity reach people who in turn spread it to others…

And I really enjoy doing it.

Things are coming my way when they are supposed to. I don’t have to wait for them to happen. I can act and live and go on with what I do instead. It won’t make them come sooner, or later. Everything comes when it’s supposed to. I don’t have to overthink it. I just have to be myself and enjoying each moment of it. I never was good with frustration anyway, so I don’t need to go through it again.

So this week, I wish you too can experiment momentum. Let it come to you, or create it! But don’t let false ideas and feelings get in the way and leave you stuck… You are not a tree. You can move, creating then an impulse. And let it spread. If you are lucky, you can watch it do so with your own eyes. Just be!

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