2020 Saga. Harvest.

It’s time for us to harvest what we have planted. I love to see my way of life as planting seeds. Seeds of hope, strength, serenity, knowledge too. Whatever I find on my path, I process it and then give some away. Sometimes, I just let it on the side of the path, as I don’t have any use for it at the moment. Now is time to go back and find what grew. To harvest and let it complete some parts of myself that need to be.

It’s something new for me. I usually plant seeds and walk away, letting Nature and time do what they do to allow them to grow. My job is done. I gathered seeds and planted them. But this time is different. I strongly feel that I have to see what I have contributed to do. I already had the luck to discover some of it, and it gave me the will to do more. Not for me, I am just planting seeds, that’s it, a kind of mission I gave myself. But because of the impact these seeds may have had on others’ life. And it made me happy.

During years, I gathered knowledge on all kind of realms, I gathered experience too. I used them to build the seeds. I gave them to people I felt were in need of them. Sometimes, I proceeded the other way: I build the seed because someone needed it. Let me give you an example: I am a teacher. And I usually have this kid in my classroom that feels he or her doesn’t fit. It’s not easy, for him or her, for me, for the other kids, to be able to do what we all need to do during hour class… Those kids are one of the reason I do this job. Because they throw me out of my comfort zone and push me to look for solutions. They help me be creative and create something special for them. Or for the other kids, while I attend this special one… As I am who I am, each time I create something I give it on my professional blog, so other teachers may find a solution the quicker way, ha! Last month, I was contacted by a teachers magazine. They offered me money to publish one of my work on the magazine. It’s something I put online almost 10 years ago. At first, I thought it was a joke. After all, I gave it away, and still do, for free. But it was a serious offer. So here I am, soon to be publish in a magazine, earning money and perhaps an increase of viewers of my blog, which will bring me money too… for something I did 10 years ago, and gave away. Harvest. They are interested by some of my other work, so it may only be the beginning. I never ever thought I would be published, especially not in this magazine, but it became a reality. And I am really thanksfull to be able to see that my work is appreciated to the point of being bought.

I planted a seed, and now is the time for me to harvest its fruits.

The beauty of all this is that I do it because I feel like it. it’s in my nature and I never think about a reward. Someone needs something I can give him or her. To me, it’s natural to give, if I can. And I am happy to do so. Because by giving, I give impetus to something potentially bigger. I won’t know, and it doesn’t matter to my own life, but the simple thought of it, the potentiality of it, makes my day.

Intentions are another way of planting seed. By clearly expressing our needs or desires, we send seeds in the air. They will eventually land where they can grow and give us their fruits, when time has come to do so. So I try to be as clear as possible in my intentions, as I know that they will materialize as I formulate them. I have no doubt about that. And now is time to harvest them too.

So what will I do will all these fruits? Well, some of them will find their place within, as they will fit in parts of me that were incomplete. Some of them will bring me more than I need and I will send them back as seeds. Some of them ill be kept preciously within, till the time I will need them. As I harvest what I have planted, I also get ready to a new page of my personal saga. I will have all I need to go further, deeper, higher. And to get new seeds ready to be planted .

So this week, it’s time for us to celebrate, to gather and to enjoy abundance. I wish you a good harvest.

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