Self care journey. December 26th.

This is one of my own personal tradition: detox after feasting. And this year, I even started on december 25th evening. I didn’t ate too much or too rich, but I didn’t feel hungry at all in the evening… So I got a good bowl of my herbal mix, and enjoyed it.

With time, I learned to mix my own herbs and teas to answer to my own needs, while suiting my own taste. I don’t like sour, or bitter, at all. But some plants may taste like that… So I add lavender or rose buds (after checking that there wouldn’t any counter indication for that), and honey, or ginger to spice it up… you can use whatever is in your kitchen to add some fun to your herbal teas: lemon juice, honey, cloves, cocoa powder, … the possibilities are endless!

So today, just enjoy hydrating your lovely body, weather you choose to eat leftovers, or just go full fasting… The most important is this sensory experience with new flavors. Have fun! Be creative!

I wish you a sweet day.

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