Inner journey: october. Create!

This month we focus on creating. While Nature slowly goes to sleep, it’s time for us to rise and shine as we fully are. Let’s create our inner world, our safety place, and most of all let’s create balance in our life!

To be able to live in peace with others, we need to be in peace with ourselves. So it’s time to declutter our inner self from all what keeps us in the past, in the pain, in the statu quo. Time to move on, we are not trees! So declutter your thoughts, your self, detox mentally, emotionnally, physically too. And create balance within.

Accept yourself in your wholeness. The ‘good’, the ‘not so good’. Your qualities, your flaws. All of them make you who you are. Smile to your reflexion and really feel happy with what you see. Free yourself from any outer appreciation of what you should/could/is supposed to be. Just…. Be!

Greet each emotion you feel and find it a special space in your heart. Because they mean you are alive, that you are loving, caring, hurting, and that by feeling, you learn and grow.

Create a universe, your universe, be proud of it. And go outside to discover other people own litle universe. Learn, grow, spend time with yourself. And live. Truly live.

And if your find the need to focus a bit and to spend some me-time , just do it!!

Here is a little coloring page for you to enjoy, if you want to!


And the pdf file to print and color: create

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