One card a week 47

Sometimes, when you are lucky (or when you need them), words or quotes appear on your computer screen. I had his words appearing on my feed several times. I then checked on instagram and follow him for a while now. And I purchased his book as soon as I could. I am addicted to his […]

One card a week 46

This week, I have this thought in mind: we are conquerors of Life. We always have been, it’s in our genes… We are drawn to the unknown, and we accomplished so much when… we got rid of fear. Fear is a powerful thing. Until we decide it doesn’t matter anymore. As I probably already wrote […]


Comme beaucoup, je ne suis pas fan des lundis… Quitter mon cocon douillet et chaud pour affronter le froid, le bruit, les autres. Pas fan, non. ça requiert une telle énergie de faire face à tout ça, aux émotions et aux soucis des uns et des autres, tout en gardant ce qu’il faut pour gérer […]


Ce matin pluvieux, j’avais envie de vous montrer ma limonaderie (et mon assistante). On this rainy morning, I wanted to share my lemonade factory (and my assistant too). Voici donc ce que j’ai bidouillé/gribouillé ces derniers jours. Here is what I scribbled these last days En français: And in english: Bon dimanche! have a good […]