2019 epopee

For 2019, I feel the need to go back to my little cards, but on a different angle, on a different rythm. I miss my bilingual routine. Because I don’t think (and feel, maybe) the same way in french (my mother tongue) and in english. If I can manipulate certain concepts in french, I can access to more spiritual realms in englaish. Don’t ask me why, I have no clue. Thing is, French is my anchor language while English is my growth one. I need them both, it brings me balance. And I feel more complete this way. On 2018, I merely wrote in french, probably because I needed to get rid of some of my anchors, and make peace with my past. It was a cleansig year, and I am happy to have been able to travel so far within and to have made room in my life for new adventures. I got rid of all that didn’t mean anything anymore, of all that was useless to me now. I went to the core, and took the time to open all of my Pandora’s boxes. I am now free and ready to go further, deeper. Time to bring back English in my journey, to balance French!

So this year, I will take a double epopee, with some of my usual musings now and then, a parallel journey. I will go back to make my cards to, with positive messages, key words. Probably one week in french, one week in english. On the same topic or on different concepts, depending on where I am drawn to go.

And if I am sometimes speachless, then I will doodle.

I will doodle anyway, because I love it and I love sharing my nonsense.

I will start getting my cards ready the last week of december. I will use regular balnck cards, even if I don’t know yet which format I will use: rectangular? Squared? Circular? I do know that I will use watercolor and my faithfull black pens. Sometimes my color pencils too. There will have words, doodles, and a travel journal. Here with my articles, and on a real journal. Because I feel that this journey will be epic, enlightening, fulfilling, and that I will love to go back to it later. Each card will then be milestones as well as inpirational cards, if I feel like it.

So here I stand for now.

If you feel like it, you are more than welcome to join me on this journey, for a time or for the full year. I will also go on sharing music and pics, as there is no epic journey without a scenery and soundtrack.

So for now, I will enjoy the last steps of my inner journey and give 2018 a closing. Then grab a new book and get ready for this next epopee. And write the title on this new volume, with certainty and excitement

Hope to see you then!


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