2021 project: the alchemist grove

Next year, we’ll start a new inner journey. Join me in The Alchemist Grove to go for an adventure that will make you discover your inner realm, and far more! 52 weeks, 52 cards. I will draw them, even if they will be heavily inspired by the one I made last summer for my own […]

Inspiration and motivation stickers 04: healing

This week, you will have 2 batches of stickers! Let’s start with today: Healing. Because sometimes, we need to realise that we are in the healing process… or that it’s tiem for us to heal. For you, Angel, as you asked for, and everyone who feel they need these words in tehir life right now. […]

Inspiration and motivation stickers 02

Here is the brand new batch of those quotes meant to cheer you up, to give you this little extra help to achieve whatever you want to achieve. For my 8X fam and whoever wants them: just download the pdf, print them and enjoy them! (the pdf is higher quality than the jpeg file, don’t […]

2019 epopee: card #2. I am GROWING each and every day

Second card for this 2019 epopee. Sometimes, life makes us feel like we are on stand by. Nothing seems to evolve, nothing seems to change. Just plain stillness. Not a peaceful, blissful one, more like a « stuck in mud » one. Everything requires huge efforts to just shift a little. Energy is gone, will is anesthetized, […]

Nous sommes tous des voyageurs

Bien. Ma tendinite est toujours là…. accompagnée de sa copine, Frustration. Je ne peux écrire ou dessiner plus de 5 minutes à la fois sans avoir de douleurs… Mais je suis ce que je suis, et j’ai ce proverbe en boucle dans ma tête depuis plusieurs jours… Ce qui signifie que je devais attraper mon […]

Mes aventures estivales au pays des gribouillages (02)

Je dois vraiment avoir mis mon cerveau en vacances parce que j’avais oublié de publier l’article précédent!! C’est chose faite, du coup vous allez avoir le privilège de lire 2 articles au lieu d’un aujourd’hui hahaha. J’ai repris mon carnet  et j’ai continué à gribouiller. Des petits cadres, avec des fleurs…. et puis je suis […]