2021 project: the alchemist grove

Our header for the journey

Next year, we’ll start a new inner journey. Join me in The Alchemist Grove to go for an adventure that will make you discover your inner realm, and far more!

52 weeks, 52 cards. I will draw them, even if they will be heavily inspired by the one I made last summer for my own inner journey. We will follow the seasons, and learn, go in depth in what life has to offer. Att he end of the year, you will be able to get the actual card deck, if you want to.

52 weeks, 52 quotes stickers pages. You will be able to dowload them along the way, and print them, let them inspire you, share them, and let them be your journey companions.

52 weeks, 52 journaling prompts pages. Each week, I will give you prompts to go in depth into the week subject. You can do them whenever you want, if you feel like it. No obligation, no pressure, just the will to know who we are, who we became, who we want to be. It’s a discovery journey, an exploration, and something I want to be as useful and enjoyable as possible.

I will share my journney with you, and you can too if you want to, in the comment section. I will be honored to have you as companions, and I can’t wait to start this beautiful adventure.

So get ready, because this year, you will discover the alchemist in you!

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