2019 epopee: card #17. My VIBE attracts my TRIBE

I am always amazed by the way people come in and go out of my life. I understood a long time ago that each and every person we meet is a potential teacher. As long as we let them teach us the lesson we need to learn. No fear needed, we are ready to learn what they came to teach us, knowingly or not.

And there are these people with whom we seem to have another type of link, at another level. People who are on the same wavelength. For a moment or for longer. People who seem to come and go in our life, always with something new to bring, to take. People who bring a sense of belonging. Our tribe.

I am lucky to have some of these peoples in my life. I don’t see them everyday, I don’t call them everyday either. But I know they are here for me, anytime I’d need them, as I am here for them if they need me. This week, I’ll spend a few days with some of them. I know that it will lead to endless nights talking, laughing, sharing, being emotional too. I usually feel drained when in presence of people. But being with my tribe fills me. We spin the web of our connection, making it even stronger. We can have these intense and deep conversation, reinvent the world, as well as spending time in silence, enjoying each other presence.

As I said, I am mostly a loner. I need time to recharge by myself, and it’s ok with me. I nonetheless am able to stop anything I am doing to be with one of my tribe. Between them and a perfect day by myself, I will choose to spend time with them. Because as I said, they make me feel good, and I love to leave them with a smile on their face. The most beautiful is that we don’t even try. It’s just the way it is.

While being part of my own little tribe, they all are different. They all appeared in my life at different times. As I grew, some people went away, because it didn’t resonate with them anymore. And it was that simple. No pain, no hard feelings, we just vanished from each other lives. Some people appeared at a time I needed guidance and offered me their views. We may disagree on certain points, but we keep evolving, on our own ways, checking each other to celebrate growth and a good cup of tea (or a beer, I am not that close minded). We teach each other own own ways, or own views, without imposing them on anyone. Just enjoying the journey. Others entered my life in trouble times, got my back if and when needed. Life made us loose touch. And reconnect years later. As if we never were apart.

Thing is, we seem to meet the ‘right people’ at the ‘right moment’ of our life. People who can teach us something, people who have knowledge we need to hear, people whose example is showing us a way we may have never thought about before. As well as people we can help, people we can support, people who seem to need our opinion on a subject. We are all part of the same dynamic. We all evolve our own way. And sometimes, we find ourselves in presence of people with the same wavelength. We attract such people in our life, as we are attracted by them. When we are lucky enough to spend time with them, we then can enjoy something special, something that brings us far more than a simple relationship.

But it requires us to be ourselves, fully, to be able to reach such people, people we can relate to at this depth. It requires us to be genuine, to be who we are, in other words. And we need to bring those walls we build around ourselves for protection down, to let them reach you. We can’t interact with anyone if we hide behind high walls and moats…

I don’t believe in chance. I believe we meet people we need to meet or who need to meet us when and where we need to be in contact. So open yourself, shine, be a beacon, open you eyes and look for other beacons. And enjoy the process!

So this week, as I spend time with my tribe, I wish you the same. And who know, we may be part of each other’s tribe too, sooner or later!

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