2020 saga. Freedom.

This week, we will focus on freedom. We live in a time when we are told that we are sired to this or that, and that we need to reclaim our freedom by following this or that movement… which to my point of view will lead to be sired to it… Maybe this is not the answer to this feeling of submission we may feel in certain situation…

To me, it’s a bit different. I claimed my freedom a while ago. I accepted to obey the basic rules of the society I live in, of my job too. But other than that, I set myself free. My allegiance is to my values, to my principles, and only to them. If I find myself conflicted between what is required from me and what I feel I should do, I try to find a way to be faithful to my soul.

I am lucky though. I live in a place and time where and when as a woman I can live the way I want without fear or having to hide. I sense that Among my ancestors, some where less lucky than me, but that they just followed their paths anyways… Being that fierce is written in my blood, I can tell, it doesn’t come from nowhere haha.

I am free to say, to be, to do whatever I want. And it’s easy. Because I am led by integrity, truth and righteousness. I don’t want to cause any harm, I don’t feel entitled to lead a revolution. I just walk on my path, in peace. In order to do so, I had to set clear boundaries, and remind them to those attempting to cross them… explicitely if needed. I am now a peaceful warrior. I expect to live peacefully but I acquired strong skills that enable me to fight and reaffirm my self if I need to. I am not exhausted, I am not weaker. I just chose to live my life differently. But the skills are still here, within, and I can use them whenever I need to fearlessly.

It seems to me that I wasn’t wired to be a part of anything. And if it was difficult in my youth, when you feel like you need to belong to something, to a group, to anything, in order to be a part of the society, I just smile at that thought today. I accepted then integrated that I was the way I was, and that I didn’t need to belong. I was a free spirit, I am a free spirit. And I love my life the way it is. I am not afraid to set things clear when needed. I chose to discover who I was, turning my back to whatever I was told or taught, but with that knowledge to be used in comparison of what I encountered. Choosing once again what made me vibe, what made me feel aligned, alive. On my way, I was in contact with a lot of differents ideologies, philosophies. Some resonated within, others didn’t. And everything was fine the way it was. Because I was lead by this flame within, this spark that was my soul reclaiming what was its own. My truth. My path.

On my way, I met people animated by a similar will, and open to share, to compare, to understand. We created bonds, and the respect we felt for each others allowed each of us to go a little further on our respective paths. Teachers as well as students, human beings attuned to Life. Despite our differences, we all had and still have something to bring to each other. By acceptance, we opened ourselves to a better understanding on what animated each of us. And that is really what matters. To be able to learn from others.

So I go on my path peacefully, freely. I sometimes look at what is going on around me with a lot of compassion. I try to intervene when I feel the need to, oftentimes to help people put things into perspective. To help them be more attune to their emotions and not to what they are told to feel. I may be living in this time and place, but I don’t feel I belong to any time and place, actually. I freed myself from that too. I just walk on my path, planting seeds, wandering and learning and teaching, and sharing, and loving. Anything else is meaningless to me. It doesn’t mean it’s meaningless or that it should be meaningless to anyone else. it’s just not my call. I am here to plant seeds and go on.

The most interesting part is that I thought that choosing this path of mine would be far more difficult, and painful. While it’s actually because I chose it that I could overcome the difficulties and pain in my life. We are taught to belong, to fit in the mold they created to keep us in line. I was lucky to never be able to fit in any of them. So I didn’t have to make a sacrifice. I just had to accept it and create my own way. Expanding my curiosity, exercising my skill to understand and learn, becoming the warrior I needed to be to set healthy boundaries and protect myself and those I love, opening myself to others and sharing with them.

Being free to reinvent myself at each step of the process, and enjoying it.

So this week, set yourself free, and enjoy your own journey!

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