2020 Saga. Openness.

This week we will open ourselves to others and leave the door open so they can reach us too.

Time has come for us to get out of our comfort zone, to confront ourselves to what’s happening in the world. Now that we have harvested all that we needed to peacefully journey and grow for a while, and that we have planted seeds for the next harvest, we can focus on something else that our survival or our mission. Let’s see what can be learned out there! Let the sun shine on us too, on what we’ve already accomplished. But most of all let’s share it!

To be open is to let others see who we are. Plainly. I surprised myself walking with a smile on my face lately, expressing confidence and warmth. I still have my armor and axe in reach if needed, but I don’t really need them anymore. My whole self express dignity and confidence. I am fearless, proud of what I have accomplished so far. I have nothing to hide. I know my worth. I am also fully aware of my weaknesses, exposing them too, but I am not focused on them right now. I don’t need to. They may be good conversation starter, though… So I leave them there, for everybody to see. They don’t bother me, I accepted them a long time ago. They are part of me, and as I want to be as genuine as possible, I have to let them show. By doing so, I only express another of my strengths: humility. I am far from being perfect and it’s not something I am interested in. My only goal is to be myself. Truly myself. Fully myself. And I am rather proud of what I have accomplished so far, so I let it shine for everybody to see.

So I can easily be reached. But I also can easily reach anyone who is willing to be. I am open to any new experience, encounter, lesson. I know that my open doors to my universe let people see what’s there, and that some of them may feel the will to go further. I welcome them, and I am even happier if they let me access their own universe too. It’s the whole point: comparing, exchanging, sharing, and parting with a little more than we had when we met.

I am so used to be by myself, that I didn’t know how I would react by opening myself that way… Surprisingly, it was easier than I thought. I feel no fear to be hurt or to hurt. I learned to control this nature of mine. I know that if needed I an reassure my boundaries, the healthiest and strongest way possible. I have then nothing to fear. And those who come with bad intentions will only have a new lesson learned after we met. I am fearless. And it shows. This self confidence that send the message: « do you really want to play this game with me? « . I know that if needed, I can make them go away easily. I was and still am a warrior, it’s in my nature. But I chose to live peacefully. I am not weaker, but stronger. So I know how to defend myself. I make them respect the one I became… I know how to play, I just chose not to.

So this week, be open to whatever, whoever may come, and greet them with warmth and respect. Enjoy each moment and fill yourself with new energy. It will nourish yours and open new paths, new possibilities.

Be open!

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