2020 Saga. Creativity.

This week, we will live with creativity. Let’s make our dreams a reality. Let’s dive into ideas and projects, let’s materialize what live in our head only. Creativity is my answer to the world, I think. If I feel something really strongly, I know that my answer to this feeling, positive or negative, it doesn’t […]

Une année toute en nuances / Happy Hue Year. Mars/March

Ce mois-ci, pas de vert en vu, mais un orange chaud. This month, we won’t play with green but with a sweet orange… Bon, clairement, je me suis lancée un véritable défi, les trois premières couleurs ne sont pas celles que je préfère! Mais voila, un rêve cette nuit, et ce matin, j’étais parée à […]

2020 saga. Magic.

This week, we will focus on everyday magic. These little things that bring sparks in our life, these moments when we feel something special is happening. On my french article on the subject, I focused on how everyday magic can materialize in our life. This time, I want to talk about how we can be […]

Champis! Shrooms!

Encore et toujours mon petit champi! Je me régale toujorus autant à le gribouiller et je déccouvre de nouvelles astuces chaque jour… Créativité et croissance rassasiées, c’est parfait! Some more shrooms! I love drawing this little guy, andI discover new tips to improve my skiils each and every day… My creativity and growth are fulfilled, […]