2020 Saga. Creativity.

This week, we will live with creativity. Let’s make our dreams a reality. Let’s dive into ideas and projects, let’s materialize what live in our head only.

Creativity is my answer to the world, I think. If I feel something really strongly, I know that my answer to this feeling, positive or negative, it doesn’t really matter actually, will be by creating something to honor it. When I feel confused, I usually write, or draw. When I feel stressed, I grab my crochet or my tin whistle, or my pencil too… When I feel sad, music is my way of dealing with it, as well as writing, painting. If I feel happy, I will draw, play music, dance in the middle of my living room, sing, take pictures… When I need answers, I will tend to dive into a bigger project, that will need me to think about solutions to problems I may encounter and thus set my mind in a problem solving mode… Usually, the answer I was looking for will appear while doing something unrelated to the subject, but that required my attention and focus.

And when I am angry, or frustrated, I love to pile rocks… because in order to do so, I need to focus and find balance, within and in the rocks. This is also when I go and look at nature, when I let my bare feet play with grass while drawing or writing something, when I let the air help me breathe into my tin whistle. When I reconnect with the world. Some would say when I ground.

Creativity is part of my alchemist way of seeing things. To materialize ideas, concepts, feelings. To express my will to act on something or to honor it, in making it ‘real’. To build milestones, to measure my path, to measure my progression too.

Creativity is everywhere when you let it enter your life. it can be in those little things I cherish, or in bigger projects. It can be part of your life for a short time, allowing you to enter a realm you never thought about, or for a life time, breathing through each of your cells.

So this week, let creativity take the lead, for a short time or longer. Dive into its reality and enjoy each step of the process!

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