2020 saga. Magic.

This week, we will focus on everyday magic. These little things that bring sparks in our life, these moments when we feel something special is happening.

On my french article on the subject, I focused on how everyday magic can materialize in our life. This time, I want to talk about how we can be a manifestation of that magic. How we are magical beings.

I am magical. I can take anything and change it into something good. For me, for others. I just need to want it. I am an alchemist. It took me a long time to master the key to it: we just need to change our point of view on any subject. Sometimes, cause and effect relations are not as obvious as they seem. Sometimes, our mind tricks us to believe that this or that happens because we didn’t do this or that…. while it’s the opposite way. Usually, it’s hidden into the idea of bad luck. ‘I am unlucky, because everything always seem to be challenging to me’, it’s never simple.’ While in fact, you are lucky because you are strong enough to face these challenges and build onto them. You are strong enough to grow in spite of the challenges you are going through. And that’s pure luck. To be given the opportunity to grow, to evolve, to learn. To be open to change, to transformation.

I am magical because I can change people’s life. By doing something as mundane as listening to someone, or smiling to someone, or telling someone something you feel you need to. I love doing random acts of kindness. Whenever I feel like it. It’s my way of being. If I can bring something to someone, anonymously is even better, I do it. The way I see it is to plant seeds. You plant seeds in people’s heart and soul. You don’t know if they will grow into beautiful flowers or trees, or if they will perish because nobody cared for them. But the seeds are planted. And they can rest a long time without care… they only require a drop of water, sooner or later, to grow. And that, my friends, is magic. I go even further: I give the kids I teach this taste of planting seeds in people’s heart. I know some went on, long after they left my classroom, to plant their own seeds. The beauty of it, is that if you are lucky, the Universe will let you know they grew. This is probably my biggest joy in life.

I am magical because I am empathetic. I am able to feel people’s feelings, and choose to lift them up, or bring them my warmth, my presence. I am human, truly. When you open your eyes, you can see. It’s that simple. When you open yourself, you can feel. And I really love to share my vibes with people. I really love to sense theirs, to share the moment. I love to radiate enough to bring some sparks to people who need them.

I am magical because I can share my vision of life and maybe someone will feel good about it. I am magical because I can use those symbols on my keyboard to materialize my thoughts. And they can reach whoever needs to be reached. I just give impetus. And that is magic.

I am magical because I walk in plain sight. I don’t wear a mask. I am confident enough to be aware of my weaknesses but most of all my strength. I embraced my darkest and my lightest sides. I am complete. And I walk my head high. I don’t need to fight anymore, for anything. Because I do whatever I need to do, in love and understanding, to be the best expression of my self. I am a warrior at soul. I am fearless. Which allows me to pick battles I feel the need to fight, without feeling obliged to do so. My gender, my nationality, my way of life are not weapons to be used by any movement. I am loyal to my soul. I am loyal to my values. And I will fight in my own terms, with integrity. I am a free spirit, and that is my magic. I can choose, I am free to do so. I will do it wisely. But most of the time, I will focus on what I can give, not on what people can use of me. I am wild and free. And I love that.

I am magical because I can feel. Feelings and emotions are the most magical things I know. Learning to recognize and use them wisely is our own special power. They can create bonds, lift people up, warn us from a danger, protect us. They are magic in essence. And we should all acknowledge their power in our life. Love can bring us through hell, sure, but it can also bring us back to life stronger. It can make us climb mountains, cross oceans, fight like a thousand warriors, be as gentle as a flower petal. Anger, when mastered can give us the energy to go further, higher, deeper, without loosing ourselves. And there is far more to discover about them and the others… I let you dive into their flow and experiment by yourself.

I am magical because I attract whoever and whatever I need in my life when I need it. Ia m also part of a bigger vibrating web, and resonate with my fellow magical beings. I just need to surrender to the flow to feel them, to give whatever is needed while receiving it too. This is pure magic.

I am magical because whatever happens along the path, I know I can and will face it, and make the best of it. Because this is the way I chose to live my life. No regrets, no remorse, no grudge. Growth, strength, integrity. Taking whatever comes and change it into something beautiful and warm.

So switch on your light, and be magical too!

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