Welcome into the Alchemist Grove

When it comes to life, we all face challenges, experiences, relationships. And as we are busy living our life, we can lose touch with our core self. This is when the grove appears. To offer us a shelter, a place to pause, to reconnect with ourselves. To step back and spend a moment to watch our life with new eyes. The Alchemist’s eyes. We all have the ability to become an alchemist of life. We all can change negativity into something more positive, or at least something we can use to grow, to go forward, to change our weaknesses into strengths.

You are made of a beautiful mix of darkness and light. They complement each other, they are parts of your whole. By welcoming these aspects of your self, you become whole. By accepting them, you become alchemists, whose work is to balance your different shades to become who you are, to let your own colors shine. This comes from within each of us. When we understand who we are, when we accept to be, truly be, when we look for balance and harmony in our life, we practice alchemy.

It’s not easy to let go of judgment, especially when you live in a competitive, entitled, environment. This is what the Grove is made for. Here there is no judgment, no defiance, no lies, no deadlines, no competition, nothing to prove to anyone. Because here you have the opportunity to meet yourself. And to learn to accept and love the one you are. Take the time you need to do so. While I will post a new stage each week, each of them will stay on this blog for you to read whenever you need to, so you can go on your own pace. You have the opportunity to spend time with your self, your soul, your body, everything that makes you… you! Each of us is unique. Here you will learn to see your whole self with new eyes, with a new perspective. And whatever you think of yourself now, you will learn that what you perceive as weaknesses are oftentimes your most valuable strength. You will learn to be compassionate but not self pitying, to look into your eyes with pride but no vanity, to change what you need to change with a soft determination. And if you already feel good with yourself, you will be able to explore unknown territories with confidence: you will discover new bliss sources!

Each of us is sovereign in our own inner realm. It only depends on us to let it thrive and make it a place we enjoy and to share it with others. It only depends on us to find peace within and without.

Welcome to the Grove, make it yours!

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