One card a week 08


When you know where you come from, who you are and what your values are, then no matter what happens, you are able to stand still. It’s not easy though to know yourself or even what you believe in. It’s not a matter of self esteem, not a matter of kindness, not even a matter of identity. It’s all about the strength of it. The depth of it…

I believe in a lot of things. I know who I am and where I come from. Life taught me so. I am lucky enough to have no real fear. Because I had to face all my deepest fears in the past. So I built myself strong roots, roots that define me as I am. And they are mine. My path is mine, my life is mine. I don’t need people to convince me I am wrong, or that I should try this or that to feel better, to be better. Because right now, I am enough. Self esteem? not really. I know my strengths, I also know too well my weaknesses. But it’s who I am. I had to accept myself as I was. I had to get rid of what I saw as useless thinking, beliefs, to go to the core of what I feel as my self. Anyway, I had the luck to go through all this process. And I still go through it, as we evolve each and every moment of our lifes. And I am ok with it. I keep on learning from everything, from everybody.

In life, we also have to face adversity, proselytism. But it shouldn’t matter that much if your roots are deep. You can also consider it as something to ponder, as another point of view on your situation… Or just see it as a soft breeze, or a wind refreshing your self…. thing is, when your roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind, because the core of who you are is firmly anchored. You may bend, you may even break a loose branch or two. But you will still stand there. Just be yourself, just be. Everything else is just a whisper.

So here is this week challenge:

  • Quote : « When the roots are deep there is no reason to fear the wind. »
  • Pattern: drupe

Here are the rules of the challenge:

  • Each thursday, I’ll give you a quote and a pattern to play with. You can use both, you can use only one of them, it’s up to you.
  • You have till the next wednesday to make your card and share it with us in the facebook group (just ask to be added, and I will open the doors wide open to you )
  • The goal of this challenge it just to offer yourself a time to have fun with pens and cards, to ponder on words, to enjoy a ME time. We tend to forget about ourselves so easily! And sharing is such a beautiful thing to experiment in our life!


my card:

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