One card a week 41

During my life, I had to face what some people may call tragedies. I know far too well physical and psychological pain. I know the different meanings of loss. Still, I am here, sharing with you my journey through my challenges, alive and kicking. I could have drawn, and to some people, I was entitled […]

One card a week 40

If there is something I learned this last year, it’s that when you loose what you thought was everything you had, you actually find the most important: yourself. When I look at the last 15 years, I realise that everything I took for granted was taken away from me. And that I am still here. […]

One card a week 39

Autumn is here. It’sone of my favorite season (with the other three…). I find it so inspiring. And it helps me with my biggest challenge: letting go. I am gifted with a good memory. It’s probably one of the reason I chose to study history… In my everyday life, I use this hability a lot. […]

One card a week 38

  I really had a lot to ponder this last week. A lot of things to understand too. Not just with my brain, but also with my heart. Deep within. As I already wrote, I don’t really care about what people may think or not about me. It’s not my problem. But it can lead […]

One card a week 37

Sometimes we need to have a look at what surrounds us to feel that we are part of it, that we belong to this place, this time. I call that a moment of eternity. This deep feeling that everything is where it’s supposed to be, how it’s supposed to be. It doesn’t matter what happened […]

One card a week 36

One of the things I really wanted to understand and upgrade this past summer is my relation to people around me. We live in a very competitive society. I am lucky, really lucky: I just don’t understand competition. I just don’t get it. I never did (to my dad’s despair). it’s not that I can’t […]

One card a week 35

On our journey, we all have to face challenges. What we make of these experiences is up to us. We can just face them, and go on, or we can learn from them. I had my share of challenges. But when I think about them, I realise that they are the reason I am the […]

One card a week 34

Life is a song. It’s an epic one, the kind of song the old people used to sang at night time, during the strongest winters. A song full of heros, adventures, betrayals, strong and lasting friendships, love, with a spark of magic here and then. Nordic people called them saga, others called them ballads, chansons… […]

One card a week 33

it’s summertime still… I go back to work at the end of the month. Summer break seems to reach its end as I work more and more for next year. Time for reflexion! This summer, I spent time by myself, but I also had some bonding time with friends and familly. And I love each […]

One card a week 32

We live in a time when we are judged on our physical aspect. You just have to switch on your tv, or go online, or even open a magazine and it is here: perfect teeth, perfect shape, perfect body…. ok… but what about those of us that aren’t that perfect? I mean, my teeth are […]