One card a week 20

It’s almost mothers’ day here in France…. not my favorite day since last year…. But I decided to create a new ritual to make something good from this day. Because I made a promise. One morning I woke up, and I decided it was enough. Enough pain, enough tears. Emma wouldn’t want me to feel […]

One card a week 18

This familly trip helped me to put some things into perspective. I don’t know if it’s the fact that we were away from our routine, or the spring that is coming with its promises, but I feel more peaceful. And I realised that I am done with the guilt. I had to make peace with […]

One card a week 17

I am in vacations this week, with my familly. A change in my routine, as well as a change of place. We go to a place that has a heavy meaning for me, as it was where we were supposed to go when Emma was hospitalized for the first time. I still hear her screaming […]

Une carte par jour /one card a week freebies 2!

Déjà 16 semaines de challenge! Il est temps de faire un petit récapitulatif des 8 derniers!  Voici donc les cartes des 8 dernières semaines, regroupées sur des pages à imprimer. Avec plusieurs propositions: uniquement les citations, uniquement les motifs, et un mix des deux. Et ça concerne les deux challenges, donc la totalité des 16 […]

one card a week 16

I have scars…  some come from my wild childhood, mostly on my knees (what a surprise !) or on my head (and my face…. wild I said!). Some are testimonies of my country’s policy on vaccination, and therefore can link me to my birthplace. Some are milestones of my medical history.  I had an appendicectomy […]

One card a week 15

Adversity. Sometimes I really tend to think that I only grow in adversity. And I have to say that I would love to just live my life peacefully… But most of the time, I just face it, learn from it, and grow. I guess this is my path. I accept it. No fear, no anger. […]

One card a week 14

lately, something really got my attention: peer pressure. Not on me, I am to wild for that hahaha, but on my pupils, or even in general. This subject came in several conversations I had… So it made me ponder: why don’t I feel this pressure? I am completely deprived of contest spirit… completely… since as […]

One card a week 13

This week quote is actually my new moto… I tried, I really did try to mute myself and behave the way I knew I would have blended with everybody. Thing is, I am who I am. I have values I stand for, and I really do try to ponder what I say and what I […]


Ce n’est vraiment pas un moment facile pour moi, alors hop hop hop, je me bouge et je transforme ces émotions compliquées en quelque chose de positif: voici les 4 dernières cartes sur un même document, à imprimer et à utiliser comme bon vous semble. Les 2 challenges, sur 2 supports. A vos imprimantes! It’s […]