One card a week 33

it’s summertime still… I go back to work at the end of the month. Summer break seems to reach its end as I work more and more for next year. Time for reflexion! This summer, I spent time by myself, but I also had some bonding time with friends and familly. And I love each […]

One card a week 32

We live in a time when we are judged on our physical aspect. You just have to switch on your tv, or go online, or even open a magazine and it is here: perfect teeth, perfect shape, perfect body…. ok… but what about those of us that aren’t that perfect? I mean, my teeth are […]

One card a week 31

We all have to face challenges in life. Sometimes we grow, sometimes we learn. I had to face really bad things in my life. It is the way it is. I could have drown a lot of times. I could have just given up and I wouldn’t be here typing those words. Thing is, I […]

One card a week 30

  This week is a double challenge one, as I couldn’t post my card last week (I was spending some time with friends at the other side of France, enjoying my vacations, trying to just live the days as they came… ). So today is last week’s challenge and saturday will be this week’s… it […]

One card a week 29

As I get ready to sped a few days away with some friends, I realise that I am really lucky. I am lucky enough to know who I am, and accept it. I know my strengths, and I know my weaknesses. It’s easy to accept and appreciate our strength, but it’s a whole different story […]

One card a week 27

When people tell me I am courageous to go on the way I do, I tend not to understand. I don’t feel courageous… I just try to go on, that’s it. And then it hit me: what if what people call courage is what I call ‘trying’. I don’t give up. I almost never gave […]

One card a week 26

I still ‘work’ on getting my self back. No more following the flow, no more looking for acceptance. I get my life back. I make my own choices, I take my own decisions. And what I make with it is up to me. It’s not that easy to be truly yourself. It’s not that easy […]

One card a week 25

We all face adversity. If not we are either blind or really lucky. For the rest of us, we have to face people who act in a way that it may hurt us deeply. I have to deal with that. No, it’s up to us to let them reach us or not. My natural way […]

One card a week 24

When I think about last year, this is the quote that comes to my mind. I am now healing, I guess… I am going on my journey, and the easiest thing to let go is what people think about me. So I’m working on it and let me tel you this: I really really feel […]