One card a week 25

We all face adversity. If not we are either blind or really lucky. For the rest of us, we have to face people who act in a way that it may hurt us deeply. I have to deal with that. No, it’s up to us to let them reach us or not. My natural way […]

One card a week 24

When I think about last year, this is the quote that comes to my mind. I am now healing, I guess… I am going on my journey, and the easiest thing to let go is what people think about me. So I’m working on it and let me tel you this: I really really feel […]

One card a week 23

Lately I take my life back. I stop living as people expect me to do. I don’t try to be the person I am not. I free myself from all this. 14 months ago, I made a promise. I promised my daughter I would be fine. And this is me keeping my promise. I realised […]

One card a week 22

We tend to see ourselves as insignificant. While we are more than that. Far more. This is why I do what I do. Sharing my little things, my doodles and quotes I love. This is also why I do doodles, why I look for quotes, why I decided to share my little things: to put […]

One card a week 20

It’s almost mothers’ day here in France…. not my favorite day since last year…. But I decided to create a new ritual to make something good from this day. Because I made a promise. One morning I woke up, and I decided it was enough. Enough pain, enough tears. Emma wouldn’t want me to feel […]

One card a week 18

This familly trip helped me to put some things into perspective. I don’t know if it’s the fact that we were away from our routine, or the spring that is coming with its promises, but I feel more peaceful. And I realised that I am done with the guilt. I had to make peace with […]

One card a week 17

I am in vacations this week, with my familly. A change in my routine, as well as a change of place. We go to a place that has a heavy meaning for me, as it was where we were supposed to go when Emma was hospitalized for the first time. I still hear her screaming […]

Une carte par jour /one card a week freebies 2!

Déjà 16 semaines de challenge! Il est temps de faire un petit récapitulatif des 8 derniers!  Voici donc les cartes des 8 dernières semaines, regroupées sur des pages à imprimer. Avec plusieurs propositions: uniquement les citations, uniquement les motifs, et un mix des deux. Et ça concerne les deux challenges, donc la totalité des 16 […]