One card a week 13

This week quote is actually my new moto… I tried, I really did try to mute myself and behave the way I knew I would have blended with everybody. Thing is, I am who I am. I have values I stand for, and I really do try to ponder what I say and what I […]


Ce n’est vraiment pas un moment facile pour moi, alors hop hop hop, je me bouge et je transforme ces émotions compliquées en quelque chose de positif: voici les 4 dernières cartes sur un même document, à imprimer et à utiliser comme bon vous semble. Les 2 challenges, sur 2 supports. A vos imprimantes! It’s […]

One card a week 12

We all experiment difficult times, where everything seems to loose its meaning. We then feel lost, drown, while we only have to let go and just let it happen. Then, when it stops and life becomes more peaceful, we see life a different way, we are free of all this negativity. Well, I have to […]

One card a week 11

We often see articles or blog posts about finding your true self, or your path, or your space, or where you belong… Thing is, I don’t really think that life is about finding our self… We all are different, with a different stor, a different background, different dreams, and so on… so to me, trying […]

One card a week 10

This month is a difficult one for me, as last year I was with my daughter while DIGP was taking her away. I had to watch her body surrender while her mind was fighting till the end. It was probably the worst month of my entire life. So painful. And I have to deal with […]

One card a week 09

We often get caught by the tsunami of our everyday lives, its routine… then we loose the sight of what really matters, all those little things that bring us confort, something to ponder, happiness, that are meaningfull, powerful. So this week, pay attention to the little things. You will sure see your world as a […]

Une carte par jour / One card a week Freebies!!

Deuxième étape des challenge! Voici donc les cartes des 8 premières semaines, regroupées sur des pages à imprimer. Avec plusieurs propositions: uniquement les citations, uniquement les motifs, et un mix des deux. Et ça concerne les deux challenges, donc al totalité des 16 premières cartes! A vos imprimantes! Here is a new set of cards […]

One card a week 08

When you know where you come from, who you are and what your values are, then no matter what happens, you are able to stand still. It’s not easy though to know yourself or even what you believe in. It’s not a matter of self esteem, not a matter of kindness, not even a matter […]

One card a week 07

Life is not a peaceful walk from birth to death. And it’s fortunate. Just imagine a life without surprise, without bumps. It would lead to boredom, it would be so tasteless, so meaningless. Life is full of feelings for you to experiment, full of people you come in and go out of it, full of […]

One card a week 06

I have to come clean: I am a recovering overthinker. I think too much for as long as I can remember. It’s really helpful when I have to deal with a crisis: I tend to just unplug the emotional me and just run into thinking only mode. Really useful… but not so useful in an […]