One card a week 52

Here we are: the last challenge, the last card. I will of course keep doodling and collecting quotes, and sharing them. But this challenge comes to its ends. Drawing a card a week was indeed acommitment, the only one I took this year (with its pendant, the french challenge). So far, I made 104 cards, […]

One card a week 51

I had to face several storms in my life. Some of them just washed away all I had. But none of them took away all I was. When I think about them, I realise that they made me stronger. They made me question my life, the way I saw it, the way I was living […]

One card a week 50

Time has come to think about this last year. Lately, I really felt I needed to dive into it. To me, this year was divided into 2 parts. The first one, from january to july, was mainly dedicated to cope, to go through difficult and meaningful dates, to be able to live a life ‘almost’ […]

One card a week 49

What keeps us going? What motivates us to go further, deeper? What is the spark within that makes us become the one we are supposed to be? I don’t know for others. But to me, it’s a simple thought: somewhere, somehow, something incredible is waiting to be discovered. And I mean dis-covered. I guess it’s […]

One card a week 48

I don’t really remember when I decided to just let go of everything that was holding me back. But there is one thing I am sure of: I don’t regret it one second. My life is really simpler, more enjoyable and meaningful. When I think about it, I realise that it was really simple and […]

One card a week 47

Sometimes, when you are lucky (or when you need them), words or quotes appear on your computer screen. I had his words appearing on my feed several times. I then checked on instagram and follow him for a while now. And I purchased his book as soon as I could. I am addicted to his […]

One card a week 46

This week, I have this thought in mind: we are conquerors of Life. We always have been, it’s in our genes… We are drawn to the unknown, and we accomplished so much when… we got rid of fear. Fear is a powerful thing. Until we decide it doesn’t matter anymore. As I probably already wrote […]

One card a week 45

When I think about my life so far, it brings me a smile, usually. There isn’t really anything to smile about, but I am lucky to have a life that is everything but boring. I am not made for easy journeys, I guess. I could have gone against it, trying to stay on track. But […]

One card a week 44

So I came back home after a week on the Mediterranean sea coast. In a place Emma loved and where she spent wonderful days, full of friends, laughter and good memories. It’s the first place we went on vacations after the diagnosis, and I am sure this place increased the way we saw things then: […]