One card a week 47



Sometimes, when you are lucky (or when you need them), words or quotes appear on your computer screen. I had his words appearing on my feed several times. I then checked on instagram and follow him for a while now. And I purchased his book as soon as I could. I am addicted to his words I guess.

He is known as j. iron word and you can find him here, on instagram.


Anyway, this week quote is one of his, and it really spoke to me, in a deep, meaningful way. In two sentences, he could put in words what I feel for a while now.

We are made from the choices we took, the people who came and went out of our life. But still, we are not confined to the limits of what our past is. We are still living, we are still learning, still growing. So our past shouldn’t stop us from being. Being who we are, who we want to be.

When we understand that, things are getting clearer, not easier but clearer. And we can enjoy all these little things we meet on our journey.

My past made me the one I am today. It taught me skills, resilience, and strength. I learned a lot on my way to today. I explored my dark side, had dark days. But I don’t regret it. because this is why I am the one I am now. The one who can enjoy the brighter side of life. I learned to have my own way of seeing things, of feeling them, and I can rely on that.

It also open the fields of infinite possibilities. I can be or do whatever I want to be or do. It freed me too.

So, what are you waiting for getting rid of this idea that you are your past? You are your now.

So here is your challenge:

One card a week 47

Quote: « You past helped make you, but it does not define you. You are on a path all your own, with a future that knows no limits. » j. iron word

Pattern: Conoor

Here are the rules of the challenge:

  • Each thursday, I’ll give you a quote and a pattern to play with. You can use both, you can use only one of them, it’s up to you.
  • You have till the next wednesday to make your card and share it with us in the facebook group (just ask to be added, and I will open the doors wide open to you )
  • The goal of this challenge it just to offer yourself a time to have fun with pens and cards, to ponder on words, to enjoy a ME time. We tend to forget about ourselves so easily! And sharing is such a beautiful thing to experiment in our life!

And here is my card:

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