One card a week 21


Let’s face it, life is not a peaceful road most of the time… Life is hectic, bumpy, but this is what makes it so interesting.

I often think about my life, and what it brought me. And lately, I realised that a lot of good things happened to me. And that all my experiences made me more creative. I am able to create because it’s my way to deal with my emotions. When I feel overwhelmed, I grab a pen, a pencil, a paint brush, a crochet, my laptop… and I let it go. And if I am lucky enough, I share. This is my reason to live, in fact: make a positive thing from a negative event or feeling. And when I create, write, paint, draw, type, share, I feel good. Whatever initiated the process, it is turned into a peaceful smile. And I know my life is worth living.

So here is this week’s challenge:

One card a week challenge 21:

Quote: « You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star » Friedrich Nietzsche

Pattern: anooka

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