2020 saga. Beginning.

This year, I chose to go with a weekly word, both in french and english. It will reflect my inner journey, tell its own story. I decided to draw a card too, as it’s…. well… my ‘thing’. This year, it will be a square one, digitally drawn. I may draw some traditionally when I feel like it, but they will mostly be digital. I also decided to draw a symbol of the word. As the method I will use is based on actual words, they will be different in french and english… So be it, double fun! And for even more fun I will accent the symbol and word with zentangle or patterns, or even mandala… The banner for this series gives you a pretty idea of what it will look like… .but in a square format (I became kind of obsessed with this frame with my mushrooms, and I want to explore more of it).

Let’s begin this sage with… the beginning. I love beginnings. They are open doors on a whole new universe to explore. They are hopeful, promising even. They lift our heart, give us the energy to do and be whatever we want.

I took time in december to get closure on a lot of things. Peacefully. Time had come. Add winter solstice, a new moon and the end of the official year and you got a perfect recipe for new beginning. I felt I needed to cleanse before I started a new cycle of my life. So I did. Winter solstice gave me the occasion to ponder on what needs to get released and what can be brought on this new journey. I wrote down all my memories of the year. Some good, some not that good. Everything that came to my mind. I kept the good ones, wrote them on a notebook. I wrote the others on small pieces of paper. Put them in a bowl. And set them on fire. Time for them to go. Then took a good warm shower. Cleansing was done. I could close that volume of my life and start a whole new one. Around the new moon, I tried to be more aware of the little things that came into my life lately, tip toeing. They are the firstfruits of what awaits me this year. Or just distractions to help me focus on what really matters. Music, artists, notions, interests, needs felt… Anything, really. And I realize with a genuine satisfaction that everything was going in the same direction, smoothly. As if it was obvious.

So now I stand on top of one of my inner cliff, watching a wide, wild, colorful valley for me to explore. I take some time to watch, enjoy the views. I can even envision my future self, on the other side, smiling at the one I am now. I now the journey will bring me a lot. I am fearless, as my darkest days are behind me. I know I will face whatever, whoever comes. With joy. Open mind, open arms, open heart. I will embrace it with enthusiasm, awareness, assurance. I am an alchemist. If anything hurtful or negative crosses my path, I will make something good of it. I will go on linking people and ideas, sowing what needs to be sowed. So as the year reached to its own end, I am getting ready to new beginnings. Taking the time to enjoy the views, connecting myself back to the dynamics… And smiling at the simple thought of what I am about to live.

Then time has come to step forward. This is what I do writing these words, sharing them. It begins. I hope you will enjoy this year’s sage as much as I will. Time to write it down!

Une réflexion sur “2020 saga. Beginning.

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