Self care journey. December 17th.

Ooooooh The kind of list I love!! Ok, so today, I will try to finish to get everything ready to welcome my new roommate, a tiny 7months old panther, that will come to fill the void left by my tigress. I am in a new beginning flow, and I really try to make it the best! So here is my little list…. let’s see…

  • I need to get everything ready and to check it is tomorrow morning (soooo easily done!)
  • I want to take the time to bond with the panther,
  • I need to finish some Christmas presents
  • I want to go back to digital paint during my 2 weeks break (I have gathered so many inspiring references!!)
  • I want to enjoy next week peaceful rhythm (in quarantine for a week, with my little plant and the panther to be able to spend Christmas with my family) to get back to a daily meditation routine,
  • I need to organize my quote collection, and do something nice of it.
  • I want to plan my 2022 inner journey,
  • I want to build the frame of my inner journey, to only have to fill it as it comes.
  • I want to write poetry again, I feel inspired lately.
  • I need to set a physical body care ritual, because it deserves it.
  • I want to organize my online courses, to take pleasure in reading them again and again.
  • I would love to make a new vision board, just for fun
  • I need to go back to the translation of a book I love, because the existing translation betrays it far too much.
  • I want to go on organizing my chaos, because it’s time for me to turn the page and to begin a new volume.
  • I want to learn new tin whistle pieces of music
  • and most of all, I want to enjoy each moment.

And it’s only a small, really small piece of what I want to do that would bring me joy or peace, or make me feel good…. but days only last for 24 hours…. it’s ok, I can spread them over time!

Now get a pen, a notebook, or a piece of paper, and write down your little list.

I wish you a beautiful day

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