Self Care Journey. December 30th.

It’s almost the end of the month and I really felt a bit lighter this year. These little tasks to complete each day helped to keep the stress and negativity away… So today, let’s see how we lived this months, what we thought, what we did, what we wrote… and let’s enjoy the fact that […]

Self care journey. December 29th

Today, it’s time for your body to shake all that remaining useless energy away… Off it goes! Let’s get wild and dance untill everything we don’t need anymore in our life has gone away from our thoughts… Our body will be the one expressing the joy of being free from that toxicity. Let’s dance and […]

Self care Journey. December 28th.

Today, take the time to look at how wonderful and unique you are. We are sadly used to criticize, to judge ourselves. Let’s try to do the opposite today! We are worth of love, and even more of self love. Let’s be soft with ourselves, let’s open our heart and let the words glide on […]

Self care journey. December 9th

We often focus on what derails from the path we built. And what goes as plan keeps unnoticed, because there is nothing to adjust, to fix. Nothing alarms us. But those little things are those our reality is made of. Today, be aware of what is still in the shadows, by its discreet evolution. Because […]

Self care journey. December 8th

Just for fun mean without pressuring yourself, just going with the flow of creativity. When I am at the end of a tough day (and lately, I had more than my share of them), I grab a pen, a pencil, or my drawing board and I draw, write, doodle, or take my tin whistle to […]