Self care journey. December 9th

We often focus on what derails from the path we built. And what goes as plan keeps unnoticed, because there is nothing to adjust, to fix. Nothing alarms us. But those little things are those our reality is made of. Today, be aware of what is still in the shadows, by its discreet evolution. Because […]

Self care journey. December 8th

Just for fun mean without pressuring yourself, just going with the flow of creativity. When I am at the end of a tough day (and lately, I had more than my share of them), I grab a pen, a pencil, or my drawing board and I draw, write, doodle, or take my tin whistle to […]

Self care journey. December 7th.

We are oftentimes far too rough with ourselves, judgmental, and we accept from ourselves far more than we would from others. Today, we will focus on our thoughts, and work on rewire all those « I should », « I have to » that are bugging us. Is it really useful? Is it really mandatory? What if I took […]

Self care journey. December 6th

Today, we focus on our breath. I really love this exercise. When I inhale, I imagine that a purifying and clearing air fills me. When I exhale, I imagine that I free everything I don’t need anymore. At the end of the day, I feel good, peaceful, and I managed to go through it without […]