Self care journey. December 8th

Just for fun mean without pressuring yourself, just going with the flow of creativity. When I am at the end of a tough day (and lately, I had more than my share of them), I grab a pen, a pencil, or my drawing board and I draw, write, doodle, or take my tin whistle to let music soothe me… or dance like no one is watching (my plants weirdly don’t care… but I may have a new roommate pretty soon, and poor thing will have to watch me go crazy). I only intent to let go of what doesn’t belong to me, and claim my inner space back.

Last time, this is what I did:

And I decided to give it away for those of you who think they don’t have any creativity (you do, you just have to discover it…). No excuses now, you can at least color!! enjoy!

Have fun, go with the flow and let it go!!!

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