Self care journey. December 7th.

We are oftentimes far too rough with ourselves, judgmental, and we accept from ourselves far more than we would from others. Today, we will focus on our thoughts, and work on rewire all those « I should », « I have to » that are bugging us. Is it really useful? Is it really mandatory? What if I took […]

Self care journey. December 5th.

Music has always been my emotions companion. It is able to uplift me, or to guide me into the depths of my soul. I can’t spend a day without listening to music, without playing music. It is part of my life. Today, you are proposed to make a playlist of uplifting, feel good, appeasing music. […]

Self care journey. December 3rd.

This habit often took be out of difficult times, because it makes us looking at something else that the negative surrounding us. And yes, sometimes, it wasn’t that easy to find even only 3 things… but even the smallest one is valuable. And the feedback is also really important. Seeing our list grow, reading it… […]

Voyage intérieur. Étape 1: Commencement

Première étape de notre voyage. J’avoue, j’ai triché parce que j’en avais envie et que je fais ce que je veux hahaha. Les prochaines seront vraiment tirées au sort, promis! Voici donc la carte du jour. J’espère qu’elle vous inspirera. Pour ma part, je profiterai des pauses de travail pour faire ma page. Je vous […]